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Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Düsseldorf, NRW
For one of our clients in the utilities industry we’re looking for a freelance Diversity and Inclusion Consultant:
Project description:
The Operational Excellence (OE) Team comprises about 30 people, quite diverse in all dimensions. Main job of the team is supporting internal customers, either in small project teams 3-5 people, or in the long-term role of relationship managers: changing the processes, supporting leaders in culture development, with some level of awareness on DEI. Discrimination reported and unreported cases. Internal performance coaching implemented. We have started a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Journey for the OE team, with the objective of making inclusive (non-violent) communication part of the OE Team culture. Our initial vision (open to consultation) is a journey that takes us from self-discovery & building awareness/understanding about others’ differing preferences, temperaments and communication needs; onto learnings and practical applications of inclusive (non-violent) communication approaches. End goal: fluent capability to ‘interpret’ the preferences & temperaments of others, and ability to adjust our communication and behavior to create a safe environment for all communication parties.

Task description:
  • Develop a long-term plan for team development in interpersonal inclusive (nonviolent) communication - with focus on self-awareness, building foundational trust and understanding in the team and learning to converse between self and others; based on own knowledge and experience. Provide this plan in PowerPoint
  • In order to build diversity, equity and inclusion capabilities and practices within the OE team, perform practical exercises and simulations & games, not only the explanation or theory - during the monthly All Hands Meetings
  • Provide DEI-focused sessions, and train OE Ambassadors (e.g. train-the-trainer) to facilitate the sessions
  • Define measurable goals to track progress based on own knowledge and experience
  • Designing and developing long-term learning roadmap for team(s) to develop inclusive communication competencies;
  • ICF / EMCC / Social Psychologist / Sociologist / Psychologist;
  • Developing & supporting the delivery / implementation of events & activities;
  • Designing & delivering / facilitating workshops and trainings;
  • Mediator in conflicts;
  • Coaching & developing capabilities on inclusive communication & leadership;
  • Practical experience for DEI and wellbeing in an international context, building inclusive high-performance cultures.
Project start: ASAP
Project location: Düsseldorf (50% onsite)
Project duration: 9+ months
Project capacity: 4 hrs./week (on average)
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