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SharePoint Analyst

Dusseldorf, Germany
For one of our clients we are looking for a SharePoint Analyst

Project overview:

• Build and maintain operational SharePoint sites (not infrastructural SharePoint platform hosting such sites) to the end of fulfilling all functional and compliance requirements in a reliable way
• Go-live of revised/new SharePoint site(s) latest in Mar 2019, preferably in Feb 2019

  • Needs to have a hands-on doers attitude towards this job (no team management skills required nor will there be a team to delegate to)
  • Support assessing (business-functional) health status of existing SharePoint sites and recommending best way forward: determine if existing site(s) shall remain or a new site has to be established in order to meet objectives
  • Assess as-is quality of data in existing SharePoint (site)s and root causes for deficits; recommend best way forward for improving data quality and sustaining high-quality data
  • Collect functional requirements from power-users and implement them with SharePoint site functionality (in particular lists, forms, data manipulation functions, workflows)
  • Streamline as-is data model(s) (strip off unnecessary data fields, restructure data field naming convention and preset data values etc.) and design to-be data model; document data model
  • Streamline as-is workflows (heal necessary workflows, deactive unnecessary workflows, create new required workflows) and the same for any other proprietary procedures implemented in existing SharePoint site(s); document workflows and other proprietary procedures
  • Streamline all end-user targeted information/communication (content of masks, emails sent out by workflows, templates etc.)
  • Build and roll out self-service interface/front-end for end-users (for the various use cases and enabled by new authorization concept), in particular allowing full "create/update/draft"-lifecycle for data input/maintenance
  • Improve SharePoint processing performance (e.g. for creating views)
  • Define and establish authorization concept for user groups and access rights (in alignment with corporate model); separate administrator, developer, power-user and standard users (for each there might be several groups with different access rights)
  • Create regular release notes for publishing
  • Support in creating end-user manual and training content for using the SharePoint site
  • Not key yet would be a plus: able to Implement data exchange mechanisms (e.g. script-based data export/import via files)

Start: ASAP
Duration: 30.09.2019
Location: Düsseldorf

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