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Consultant SAP RE-FX - April 2020

Düsseldorf, NRW
For one of our clients we are looking for a Consultant SAP RE-FX

Project description:

The service is requested as part of the project IFRS 16. The new accounting rules IFRS 16 with effective date January 1st, 2019 had significantly changed accounting for leases. All lease agreements need to be shown on the balance sheet which means for every lease agreement there must be the recognition of a leased asset and a financial liability on Henkel´s balance sheet. We implemented the new SAP module RE-FX, which is a standard module for contract management and was enhanced by SAP with the IFRS 16 requirements. As we will run a Service Pack Upgrade of the SAP system, also technical changes in RE-FX need to be implemented and tested.

Task description:
  • Identify relevant and/or critical OSS note to be implemented for SAP RE-FX, based on IFRS 16 requirements
  • Run OSS note implementation and perform integration testing from IT perspective
  • Consultant key users in user acceptance testing for technical changes
  • Run bug fixes during OSS note implementation

Start: April 2020
Duration: 1 month+
Capacity: 8 hours/week
Location: Düsseldorf (50% remote possible)

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