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REMIT Compliance Analyst - August 2020

Düsseldorf, NRW
For one of our clients we’re looking for a freelance REMIT Compliance Analyst (w/m/d):

Project description:
The Trading Compliance Initiative (TCI) launched in 2019 to create awareness and direct the focus on all levels of various businesses on the importance of REMIT compliance regarding its potential business impact in light of the frequent regulatory changes in the energy industry. The project will analyze the existing processes and systems to identify tasks and activities with high potential of leading to compliance incidents. The project will also establish a robust system based on a learning culture through improved training and early involvement of people in the design of optimised processes and IT systems. So that a sustainable compliance culture is established within the client and that compliance risks are continuously managed, monitored, reported and assessed with the goal to minimize REMIT compliance breaches in the future.

Task description:
  • Analyze intra day and day ahead business process by talking to Dispatchers, shift operators and traders.
  • Collecting Information on the process from Power short term trading, Power dispatch, Asset Operations, Asset management and compliance and then putting it in to a process diagram. By scheduling meetings ( find appropriate time slots, aligning on the time lines), the consultant advise workstream lead In preparing content and document F2E (front 2 end process) proceses using any of the programs available in Microsoft O365 package.
  • Prepare follow up sessions and track actions and consult the power team in closing those actions.
  • Structure the tasks necessary to transfer the envisaged milestones in individual work packages in collaboration with Project manager.
  • Create an action plan for each of the work packages with defined deliverables, timelines and involved people, in collaboration with Workstream leads
  • Prepare (setting up agenda together with project manager) and conduct bi-weekly work stream meetings with workstream leads and project manager
  • Provide project status reporting (for Power management) on ad-hoc basis for power management. (This could be any adhoc request to update on any topic in the project)
Project start: ASAP
Project location: Düsseldorf (initially 100% remote, after Covid change 100% onsite)
Project duration: 2+ months  

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