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Test Automation Specialist mobile data - January 2021

remote, remote
For one of our clients we are looking for a Test Automation Specialist (f/m) mobile data.

Task description:
1.    Perform all necessary actions and calculations to develop and evolve mobile service KPIs. This includes:
Development of service KPIs based on:
  • Client internal design documents
  • Vendor documentation
  • all data delivered from network elements (Performance Management (PM) Counter, Event records and Call data records)
  • Identify relevant platforms and counters needed for KPIs
  • Integration of counters/KPIs in Performance Management Platforms (Watch4Net and MyCom)
  • Verify Counter correctness and delivery in PM Tools
  • Visualization of Service KPI in PM Tool (W4N or MyCom)
Creation of documentation of those service KPIs and their calculation as well as impact analysis regarding customer experience for all relevant mobile voice and data services like:
  • Legacy Voice
  • VoLTE
  • VoWIFI
  • Mobile Data
  • Mobile Services (bandwidth control, Voicemail, online charging)
  • Independent on access technology (2G, 3G, 4G 5G)

2.    Perform all necessary actions develop test automation configurations and testcases for the new service KPIs. This includes:
Development of test automation testcases for new Service KPIs:
  • Analyze end to end (e2e) use cases
  • Create Test configuration
  • Define thresholds
  • Elaborate success- and failure definitions
  • Regularly validate configuration
  • Create Reporting dashboards (in Tableau) to visualize test execution results for a broader spectrum.

3.    Perform all necessary actions to test the developed mobile service KPIs. This includes:
  • Generate acceptance test plans
  • Create Method of procedures (MOP) for counter/KPI implementation in test systems
  • Coordinate and validate test execution
  • Coordinate final acceptance and prepare production First Office Application (FOA)

4.    Collect all requirements which are needed to implement the new KPIs in the production service platforms and performance management systems.
Create MOP for counter/KPI implementation in production systems. This includes:
  • Tracking and coordination of all implementation activities regarding quality and timeline
  • Validate service owners and vendors correct implementation
  • Execute, Control and supervise final implementations
  • Generate FOA test plans
  • Coordinate and validate FOA test execution
  • Coordinate final acceptance and prepare rollout

Necessary Expertise / knowledge:
long term engineering experience in the KPI reporting environment; this includes knowledge in at least one of the following tools:
  • CEM-Tool
  • Watch4Net
  • MyCom
  • Tableau must have
to the extent required knowledge within testautomation Tool providers in at least one of the following:
  • SIGOS must have
  • Segron
  • Spirent Landslide
  • RobotFramework testautomation (incl. Jenkins)
to the extent required knowledge in mobile services landscape, designs and protocols used in:
  • VoLTE
  • VoWIFI
  • Mobile Data Services
  • Mobile Messaging Services
  • Legacy Mobile Voice Services
to the extent required knowledge within implemented platform providers and technologies like:
  • Packet Core
  • IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem)
  • Voice Core
Must have: good general knowledge in:
  • Analytical statistics
  • Tracing and trace tools
  • Relevant ETSI specifications
Start: 01.02.2021
Duration: Till 30.04.2022
Capacity: flexible, but at least 3 days/week
Location: remote

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