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Procurement Specialist for IT Consulting - Februrary 2022

remote, remote
For one of our clients, we are looking for a Procurement Specialist for IT Consulting


Project description: The IT Procurement team wants to execute dedicated strategy and operational sourcing/procurement demands for Uniper’s international businesses as per our global Procurement policy.

Task description:
  • Execution of RFP for IT using SAP Ariba, based on a list from SAP Ariba, and according to Uniper Procurement Policy.
  • Creation and collection of ideas from team and subsequent development/implementation of Sourcing
  • Reporting in Power BI using SAP Ariba Data
  • Registration and qualification of vendors in SAP Ariba based on a list of open qualifications from PowerBI
  • Creation of Purchase Orders in SAP ECC and SAP Ariba based on approved Purchase Requisitions according to SAP standards and Uniper policy.
  • Setup of contract templates into SAP Ariba (based on preexisting MS Word Documents)
  • Convert SAP Manually Created Orders to Automated Setup i.e. using BDN or AutoPO types
  • Identify "IT consulting" orders in SAP ECC and Ariba which will later be moved to SAP Fieldglass and managed under our MSP.
  • Arrange with our MSP the creation of a Work Order in SAP Fieldglass.
  • Define and document a new process to handle negative supplier evaluations logged in SAP ECC based on feedback and requirements from a stakeholder coming from a workshop in Q1 2022

Start: ASAP
Location: remote
Capacity: 40 hours/week
Duration: 4 months+

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