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Azure Specialist for Cloud Database and Storage

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For one of our clients we are looking for an Azure Specialist for Cloud Database and Storage


1. Project name:
Stream Lead / Service Lead - (Cloud) Database and Storage

2. Project description:
Hosting and Cloud Technologies (HaCT) database team defines database (DB) and storage standards and enhances the Cloud framework to provide governance and guidance on and storage usage in Azure (IaaS & PaaS). Additionally it performs the Database Administrator (DBA) support on infrastructure level for DBs running on IaaS – limited to Oracle and SQL Server. For this, the goal is good stakeholder management in particular with application teams and application DBAs. Enhancing the service by introducing automation for day to day activities as well as leveraging new opportunities in the Azure cloud to improve the service or the handling of DBs is a natural part of this as well. The services mentioned in the task description will be provided within the framework of an agile development method.

3. Background to the assignment:
The internal employee that fulfills this role currently is on parental leave/sabbatical for the time of the assignment. Consequently, Uniper does not have its own employees available with sufficient expertise in the area of Azure Cloud Database and Storage and for this reason requires external expertise. The consultant used by Uniper has extensive experience with project management combined with strong technical database and storage skills therefore the consultant has a unique position and provides significantly different services than the internal staff for the time of the assignment.

4. Detailed description of the agile method/services:
The services shall be provided within the framework of an agile methodology. The concrete activities required in each case to implement the services commissioned shall be agreed iteratively between the parties within the framework of sprint meetings and implemented by the consultant within the respective sprints following the sprint meetings. Prior to each sprint meeting, the consultant shall independently check, on the basis of its professional expertise, which individual services are reasonable and feasible within the scope of the assignment in the respective sprint. The sprints each have a duration of 2 weeks, so that the sprint meetings take place at intervals of 2 weeks. Within the individual sprints, the contracting parties shall coordinate the respective technical requirements for the services to be provided in daily meetings in order to achieve the delivery of the DBA team as per plan. The technical requirements for the services to be provided are assessed by the consultant on the basis of its own technical assessment. After completion of a Sprint, the Parties shall conduct a ?Sprint Review'' in which the consultant assesses on the feasibility and status of the services performed by the DBA team in the previous Sprint and directs on how to proceed with regards to the services that proved to be unfeasible in the respective Sprint. The organization and scheduling of the meetings described above in which the consultant is involved shall be organized and carried out by the consultant and coordinated with Uniper.

The consultant will take the role of a Product Owner / Service Lead.

5. Task description - The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are performed independently:

- Manage the workstream Database & Storage in the Hosting and Cloud Technology (HaCT) team – oversee and provide advice and guidance on all activities of the Database&Storage stream -
- Manage a team of external offshore DBAs (currently 6 DBAs) to deliver infrastructure related parts of business projects, technically consult on modernization to PaaS, drive the team to optimize and automate the rest of DB services that are running on IaaS as agreed with Uniper Stakeholders and based on the service roadmap. Create technical and process documentation where required and review documentation produced by DBAs for suitable quality and flag for rework, if incomplete/insufficient
- Define work items based on requirements by Uniper for the team that match and drive the roadmap as well as the business needs
- Review and challenge the deliverables and present them to Uniper for a signoff. This includes checking if the deliverables are in desired quality / match the requirements) – flag incomplete/insufficient deliverables for rework by the DBAs.
- Conduct team meetings to share input coming from management and other channels as well as addressing day to day topics
- Consult application teams on the usage of Azure DB and storage technology based on own knowledge and experience, be a role model for the DBAs in terms of customer consulting and communication
- Explore new services and service updates of the relevant Azure technologies and derive their impact for Uniper
- Create documentation, guidelines, how-to’s and governance for the relevant technologies (updates) and present them to Uniper for a signoff
- Maintain the service catalogue of the workstream based on requirements by Uniper
- Technically consult on, drive and shape the stream roadmap, consult other HaCT teams and the HaCT roadmap
- Consult on and steer the supplier hand-over (supplier is changing throughout the assignment) Produce documentation as and if demanded by Uniper stakeholders for this.
- Provide professional consultancy (mostly to app teams) on usage of DB and storage concepts on Azure
- Identify topics (agreed by Uniper) to advertise and promote with articles, blogs, videos in cloudworks hub (A central platform to share information about how we use cloud within Uniper).
- Interface with Uniper License Management and provide requested deliveries (like VM specs of VMs in scope)
- Provide the audit team with the necessary information/data during the audit process (logfiles, server details and database features usage)
- Overview the (few left over) on-prem assets in the area of DB and storage
- Drive and implement the design for the “long term backup” migration from on-prem to Azure as part of the UTZ Exit project based on the Uniper requirements and with the own knowledge and experience

Required skills:
  • Strong experience in working with offshore delivery teams strong technical DB background (mainly Oracle – SQL Server and others beneficial)
  • Good exposure to the Azure cloud incl. hands-on
  • Very good understanding of VMs in Azure, VM performance related to IaaS DBs
  • Very good understanding of different Azure storage concepts
  • Good understanding of the Azure DB PaaS services
  • (project) management skills beneficial in order to draft and deliver the roadmap of the stream
  • Knowledge on agile working methodology
  • ITIL awareness
  • Good stakeholder management (especially facing application teams)
  • Good communications skills (English - must, German - nice to have)

Start: ASAP
Duration: 10 months+
Location: remote
Capacity: 40 hours/week


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