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SAP Project Manager - March

Remote, Remote
For one of our clients in the utilities industry we’re looking for a freelance Project Manager:
Project description:
Our client is running 5 streams, which need to be managed:
  • P2887 [Pre-study] Audit Management System: Tool Evaluation on possible replacement of our current Audit Management System.
  • Implementation of new Audit Management System: As a result of the pre-study P2887 target is replacing the current audit management tool by having:
  • A user-friendly and integrated audit management tool that covers all steps of our process.
  • The tool should have configurable workflow functionality, so that a desired sequence of process steps can be specified by the system that cannot be bypassed. This would allow us to implement our processes directly in the tool.
  • The tool should have reporting functionality so that standard reports and self-configured reports can be generated by both auditors and audit clients.
  • Introduce the SAP Business Partner (BP) into the SAP PGC, P81 systems. BP is a precondition for S/4 without having a specific migration scenario in mind, SAP re commends to already switch to new master data management before the actual S4 product on the other hand, BP in PGC and P81 is required for the CIG business partner related transfer to Ariba.
  • The Project "P2333 ARIBA Contracting" has the objective for 2022 to deliver ARIBA integration towards our PGC Backend environment. This includes the design, development, GoLive and Handover.
  • P2873 PKII+ Enhanced: Project has the objective to modernize the IT Security landscape by phasing out the user PKI Token. Along with that the project has to manage risks and dependencies for the user PKI Exit across the company. Additional the project has the objective to implement an Azure Key-Vault Governance Model, deliver smaller improvements in the PKI area and work on the long certificate archiving strategy.
Task description:
  • Prepare, organize, develop and track PSC (Project Steering Committee) meetings and governance by consulting senior business and IT stakeholders via emails or MS-Teams calls so that they understand the costs, scope, benefits, dependencies and risks. The IT project manager will provide the information details about costs, scope, benefits, dependencies and risks.
  • Prepare and submit change requests if there is a change to scope, benefit, costs.
  • Schedule, assign and monitor all these tasks independently and in line with the documented client governance. In case irregularities occur, reach out to PSC since escalation can be triggered via the PSC or clarify it with the responsible stakeholders.
  • Provide status reports on a monthly basis in POT (the “Programme Office Tool” and single source of truth for all of the client’s IT Change Projects).
  • Raise requests and orders to suppliers according to the project plan via the client´s ordering platforms ServiceNow (SNow) and Ariba.
  • Conduct project team-meetings in order to get insights into the current progression (in order to provide updates). (Online)
  • Resolve, assign and report risks, conflicts and issues including mitigation activities to the PSC.
  • Keep the project and milestone plan up-to-date.
  • Update the project checklist regularly and perform the necessary tasks in order to complete it. Necessary tasks concerning a project are defined by the project team and monitored in a project checklist.
  • Request activity approvals (POT workflow) and acceptance of deliverables according to the project quality management plan from the project stakeholders.
  • Steer the project team to execute the project according to the project management plan.
  • Document all project relevant information in the project SharePoint.
  • Manage Project Management for IT projects according to internal procedures and standards.
This includes:
  • Assigning, planning & controlling of work packages to resources (Waterfall Method + agile SCRUM based Method)
  • Risk Management (Identifying them, protocolling them, assess them, report them to the PSC and identify mitigation actions)
  • Conducting and and steering Project Steering Committees (PSCs) and providing status report on a regular basis (twice a week, weekly or biweekly depending on project needs - online)
  • Monthly project status report in POT
  • Project planning (with risks, dependencies, resources, quality)
  • Requesting proposals in case it is needed for the project delivery according to the client Procurement standards & approval processes
  • Cost management against approved project budget

  • Strong experience in IT Project Management
  • Excellent English and German communication skills
  • Experience with waterfall and scrum methodologies
  • Experience with SAP related projects
  • Background in the utilities industry
Project start: ASAP
Project location: Remote
Project capacity: 40 hrs./week
Project duration: 9+ months

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