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Cloud Governance Consultant

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For one of our clients we are looking for a Cloud Governance Consultant

Project description:
Uniper has moved major parts of it’s application landscape into the Azure cloud, which is managed and operated by an internal technical team.
As infrastructure costs are managed centrally, it is key to provide transparent reporting to the consuming application teams so that they have a clear view on the consumed cloud services.
In addition, it needs to be ensured that the cloud is operated in a compliant way. Internal controls have been defined which need to be executed by the technical teams within defined service processes. It needs to be checked that these processes are executed in a compliant way with evidence creation and to communicate to external auditors during audit.
Furthermore, it is required that knowledge on cloud technology is distributed in the whole organization. To accomplish this, we have partnered with a third party training provider who offers training sessions on cloud technology. The CloudWorks hub (an internal Sharepoint site) is a knowledge base which acts as a central point of information to the application teams. Key is to keep the content up to date at all times.
The overall goal is to have a clear cloud governance structure in place covering the different aspects of the cloud framework

Task description:

Cloud consumption
• Manage and execute cloud consumption reporting and overall budget planning using Power BI and Excel
• Proactively advise on potential cloud consumption saving using high level information from Azure portal
• Perform monthly update of Consumption Dashboard
• Adjust consumption reporting according to changes in the underlying data structure
Tools used: Power BI, Excel, SQL DBs

Compliance management
• Aim for the compliance of cloud framework by checking the execution of IT security and compliance policies incl. management of audit activities
• Steer the respective cloud teams in order for them to execute controls
• Document and communicate procedures and requirements
• Manage handover of defined audit activities to the internal Data Services team
• Manage the audit activities, advise technical team, collate evidence and manage communication with auditors
Tools used: Sharepoint, (ServiceNOW)

Process Management
• Maintain internal process catalogue and documentation, keep process documents up to date
• Coordinate regular reviews and apply continuous improvement
• Maintain related KPIs
• Keep the cloud service catalogue up to date and check that it reflects current service offering
Tools used: Sharepoint, WIKI

Knowledge management
• Maintain cloud knowledge base in Sharepoint and Wiki, keep content up to date with input from Uniper subject matter experts.
• Collate content for knowledge management portal using input from subject matter experts
• Coordinate creation of cloud related content (articles, videos, presentations) with input from subject matter experts
• Coordinate provisioning and booking of trainings with cloud supplier and external training supplier.
• Organize informational events on cloud knowledge sharing
Tools: Sharepoint, Wiki, Video editing, Power Point

• Manage cloud related team communication (Internal social media / newsletter / articles) and create content using input from expert teams.

Start: ASAP
Duration: 6 months+
Location: remote


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