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Service Analyst IP Telephony - June

Remote, Remote
For one of our clients in the utilities industry we’re looking for a freelance Service Analyst IP Telephony:
Projekt description:
The client is using “IPC’s Connexus Unigy” as a dedicated Telephony System for their Energy Trading business. It supports 24/7 processes in trading and power dispatch (ISMS-relevant), offers Voice Recording (VR), Business Continuity Procedures and archives of voice recordings. The system is operated by IPC in their private cloud. Currently, there are ~ 120 users that either use dedicated hardware turrets or IPC soft clients. The client supports this “Trader Telephony Service” with a team of IT professionals. The Connexus Unigy system was introduced in late 2021. Our goal is now to mature the service and enhance its resiliency.
We are looking for a consultant to analyse the current service and define improvement measure fine tune and better the service.

Task description:

Project Overview: Within the project the first phase will be the analysis of the current “Trader Telephony Service Set-up”. In this phase information from the client’s technical teams and the external provider IPC needs to be collected in order to get a detailed process understanding.
The “IPC Connexus Unigy Service Management ”process includes the following areas:
  • IPC incident management
  • evaluate how tickets are managed on behalf of trader
  • analyse strengths and weaknesses within IPC support/user interface
  • check integration into the client’s ServiceNow based Incident and Change Management
  • Trader Telephony maintenance activities initiated by IPC
  • creation of a check-list how to conduct maintenance impact analysis
  • analyse the change process of previously signed off client changes
  • define timing and content of users maintenance announcements with clear impact communications, in particular concerning broker line configuration
  • Review of the current End User device management
  • verification of the hardware asset list: devices, users, profiles, locations, patched ports
  • detail a checklist for end device troubleshooting
  • describe dependencies on network cabling changes in particular with switch port cabling/patching or ordering VLAN assignment at local IT contact
  • Voice recording requests
  • review the process of voice recording exports from portal
    * by users according to the client’s voice recording policy
    * by the client’s IT support in case of compliance checks
  • Review Operations KPIs (IPC reports) with respect to service quality and resiliency

    Based on the As-Is process review the second project phase will focus on the review the overall service health and the service quality improvement. This includes the following tasks
  • Analyze the Service Quality based on reported and managed incidents, feedback from a user satisfaction survey and IPC reports provided by the client,
  • Target to answer the following questions with the analysis:
  • what are service quality issues?
  • are there patterns?
  • are KPIs of the IPC contract met?
  • Document observations in a knowledge base (SharePoint List) for the client’s Support team
  • Verify identified Improvement opportunities based on information coming from IPC and the client, especially about impact for users with turret, soft client and Home Office resp. Office
  • Deliver the results to the client in a written report (list of proposals) and presented at a service review (online)
  • The client will decide which Improvement opportunities shall be specified in detail
  • Include in each of those proposed optimizations the following 4 elements:
  • problem statement
  • proposed mitigation (in technology and/or process)
  • a stakeholder impact analysis
  • a dependency analysis
  • an indication whether the implementation needs to be done by either IPC and/or the client
  • Deliver all proposals to the the client Service Owner in a written format.
    The client will sign-off every proposal and initiate an implementation. Per se the implementation itself is not part of the project, in particular if this involves any technical modification.
    However, the scope of work does include draft communications for all Stakeholders w.r.t. new/changed processes and or other changes
  • Present all communication for sign-off by the the client service owner up-front
Besides the general service quality, measures to improve service resiliency against failure is in scope as well.
Specifically within the project scope are following tasks:
  • evaluate of the feasibility of additional redundancies in the implementation, in particular with SIP trunk
  • specify the creation of an additional/dedicated client archive of voice records
  • review of the system architecture for further resiliency improvement measures
For each identified resiliency improvement opportunities deliver a written outline that includes
  • the technical specification
  • expected resiliency benefit
  • a dependency assessment
  • a stakeholder list
The client will sign-off every proposal and consider a later implementation. Per se the implementation itself is not part of the project

Verify the effectiveness of the improvements measures within the last phase of this project. This may lead to some further fine tuning of service quality improvement measure. The improvement of the overall service quality is the success criteria of this project.

Present all deliverables to the client Service Owner for sign off.
Attend online service quality review meetings with IPC and the client, if they address service quality as in focus of this project.

Project start: 20.06.2022
Project capacity: 20 hrs./ week
Project location: Remote
Project duration: 6+ months

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