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Consultant for behavioural change - November 2022

remote, remote
For one of our clients we are looking for a Consultant for Behavioral Change

Project description:
  • Although self-management is key to maintaining health of chronic disease patients only 5-7% of diabetes type 2 (T2D) patients in the US have access to it. Guidelines recommend self-management programs (Grade A). However, barriers to self-management programs exist at the health system, payer, provider, and patient levels.
  • Lack of self-management skills result in unhealthy lifestyle behaviors and low adherence to treatment plans leading to accelerated disease progression and tremendous resource utilization. Patients lack knowledge, motivation, and confidence which limits them to proactively modify and sustain self-management behaviors. Health care professionals (HCPs) lack psychological capabilities to successfully empower patients to adopt self-management behaviors. Payors lack resources and funding to provide broad access to self-management programs.
  • TARA CRM is a fully digital behavioral intervention solution empowering patients to practice self-management behaviors resulting in improved physical and psychological well-being, adherence to treatments, slowing disease progression and reducing cost.
  • In TARA CRM, motivational and behavioral change techniques, from self-determination theory and motivational communication, are digitally applied to the psychological targets of knowledge, confidence and intrinsic motivation to engage with targeted behaviors (e.g., improved treatment adherence).
  • The TARA CRM initiative is using an agile, iterative approach with a user-centered methodology that involves placing end-users (e.g., CRM patients and health care professionals) at the heart of the design process. This involves multiple iterative rounds of research and co-creation, with the target audience involved directly as participants.
  • The outcomes of the initiative are created by a cross-functional TARA CRM team in partnership with BI subject matter experts and further stakeholders. Team size and team capability depend on the experiments we intend to run in order to build and test TARA CRM. Each experiment refers to one or more critical hypotheses we want to prove and is described by clear metrics & success criteria.
  • We do not have our own employees with sufficient expertise in behavioral science, behavioral change techniques, and the design of effective digital behavioral change intervention and for this reason require external expertise - therefore the contractor has a unique position and provides significantly different services than the internal staff.

Background to the assignment:
  • We plan to create prototypes for different digital behavioral change interventions for supporting CRM patients in adopting self-management behavior (eg, medical adherence, physical activity) as recommended by clinical guidelines. The interventions need to address the full Knowledge-Motivation-Confidence (KMC) model for behavioral change drawing on the 93 Behaviour Change Techniques as defined within the ‘BCT Taxonomy V1’ (BCTTv1) and on self-determination based motivational communication (not: behavioral economics).
  • These require extensive know-how of the underlaying behavioral science and behavioral change techniques and how these can be used within digital products to trigger behavioral change and eventually lead to specific clinical and behavioral outcomes.
  • This includes, among other things, the mapping from clinical outcomes to biomedical targets to behavior targets to behavioral interventions to behavior change techniques. The exploration of behavioral change techniques which shall be used in the TARA CRM pathways to support patients in adopting and sustaining new self-management behaviors is part of the assignment.

  • Specify and design of Behavioral Interventions for the behavioral targets based on self-determination theory and motivational communication
  • Design flow of TARA CRM behavioral pathways, flow of onboarding and problem ID, flow of self-monitoring module
  • Improve behavioral intervention / TARA CRM pathways / TARA CRM flows based on review of other team members
  • Consult the team on wording throughout the digital application in motivational communication tonality/ language
  • Consult the team on how to translate behavioral science into digital behavioral change intervention based on the contractor's vast experience
  • Consult the team on how to turn observations from tests with patients into behavioral insights to further improve and expand our digital behavioral change interventions based on the contractor's vast experience
  • Review and help improve questionnaires for testing with patients and HCPs
  • Review value propositions for CRM patients and care team members
  • Review evaluative research
  • Review most critical hypothesis
  • Review metrics & success criteria
  • Share results within product meetings

Required experience:
  • Extensive experience in creating digital behavioral change intervention that are used by our UX staff to create & test prototypes.
  • Ph.D. in self-determination theory, motivational communication, behavioral science, and / or behavioral psychology 
  • Background self-determination theory and motivational communication, behavioral psychology
  • Background in UX / UI design 
  • Knowhow of the full list of 93 Behaviour Change Techniques as defined within the ‘BCT Taxonomy V1’ (BCTTv1)  
  • Knowhow of evidence-based techniques supporting intrinsic motivation, autonomy, and individual choice  
  • Reference for building effective digital behavioral intervention for chronic patients
  • Publication on the outcome of digital behavioral intervention for chronic patients
  • Experience in designing digital behavior change interventions for chronic patients 
  • Experience implementing digital health products and services   
  • Experience in translating behavioral science into digital products/ digital behavioral interventions 

Start: ASAP
Duration: Till end of 2023
Location: mainly remote, some onsite presence in Ingelheim (1-2 times per month)
Capacity: 40 hours/week


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