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HSE Site Manager - November

Kazincbarcika, Hungary
For one of our clients we are looking for an HSE Specialist

Project description: Construction of a gas power plant in Hungary for BC Power Kft. BC Power intends to built a new Combined Heat Plant (CHP). The role is Owners Engineer for the complete project duration. Planned start/enddate: April 2018 until March 2023.

Task: The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are independently performed by the external consultant:

• Daily Set-up and monitoring of an effective HSE management system including a project-specific HSE plan (includes all HSE related items to build a plant safely). Consultant will use HSE requirements of the customer and the Client which are already drawn in a specification and HSE plan. The existing plan is prepared by the Client based on the Client and customer standards
• Implementation and application of the HSE management system and the HSE plan with customer HSE team and steering the rest of the project team in implementation of the HSE management system in all phases of the project, particularly on site. Consultant will be the single project HSE manager supported by the customer HSE team. He will implement requirements before work on site starts. Schedule and plan will be communicated with customer and the Client during unregular meetings via presentation
• Monitoring and auditing of Engineer Technology & Development's (ETG’s) project organisation and the contractors in all phases and areas of the project with regard to implementation of and adherence to the HSE management system including the HSE plan and compliance with the defined HSE requirements and the relevant laws and statutory regulations. Consultant will monitor by safety status documentation. No audits needed. Consultant has to document HSE status on site via reports. The Client will not sign them off, just notice and act if mitigations are needed
• Set-up and implementation of the process for recording, documenting and communicating accidents, near-misses and other HSE incidents. Consultant has follow the existing HSE specifications and adjust if necessary
• Set-up and implementation of a process for establishing, documenting, communicating and reporting defined HSE information and parameters. Consultant has follow the existing HSE specifications and adjust if necessary
• Assumption (national and local requirements are considered) of the safety specialist function or similar functions in line with national or local statutory regulations
• Definition of the HSE team (HSE manager plus customer’s team), taking into consideration statutory and contractual regulations and selecting the HSE coordinators. This includes the appointment of one or several health and safety coordinators or similar functions on site (depending on national or local regulations)
• Management of the project’s HSE team throughout all project phases. Management include all HSE project safety related items
• HSE training for project staff throughout all project phases - specific site requirement customer trainings. Training will be done by customer based on their specific requirements. Training will be on site. Number of trainings not yet fixed. Customer will document training results and success
• Development and maintenance of a list of laws and statutory regulations relating to HSE (and the associated adoption of behaviour codes and guidelines) and provision of updates. All related norms already included in HSE specification
• Definition and implementation of an audit programme for HSE, and performance of appropriate HSE audits. The audits are unregular. Sub-supplier will be checked. Results will be communicated with customer and the client. The client will consider and start mitigations if needed
• Subject area-related input and consultancy on HSE issues in determining and planning site set-up. Consultant consult Customer and the Client
• Creation of an emergency rescue, alerting and evacuation plan, ensuring its implementation together with customer based on European and Hungarian rules.
•Present the plan to the Client via meetings, presentations and reports. The Client will consider and start mitigations if needed

The Client provides all necessary information, access to the systems and requirements in advance.

Start: November 2022
Location: Kazincbarcika, Hungary
Duration: 5 months+
Capacity: 50 hours per week


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