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Project Manager for Identity, Graphics and Packaging - November 2022

remote, remote
For one of our clients we are looking for a Project Manager for Identity, Graphics and Packaging

  • The project is concerned with creating visual identities, typefaces and graphics and their guidelines for the business. The project has the purpose of delivering key assets, as well as providing professional guidance so the business knows how to use these assets.
  • The contractor needs to have unique expertise in packaging, identity and graphics which is not available within the client.

  • Organize weekly virtual project related meetings to discuss key projects and status
  • Write and finalize briefs for new (sub-) projects based on personal experience and all information provided by the key internal stakeholders. Define key deliverables based on the brief and own knowledge
  • Define a project plan and key milestones for each defined project
  • Communicate virtually and consult approval of the brief, deliverables, project plan, timelines and milestones.
  • Determine which team members will work on each project and explain the task, deliverables and timeline for the project based on their own expertise.
  • It is all about professional/technical management and assignments of tasks to the client team members and not disciplinary instructions.
  • Fill out a weekly resource tracker to identify which resources are working on which projects
  • Do project reporting to all stakeholders. They will be internal stakeholders in various BU’s. Written updates should be given every week. The client provides in advance lists of contact persons, contact details, documents and guidelines.
  • Follow up on project tasks identifying actions with clear deadlines. Define clear actions for each team member on their deliverables based on their own expertise.
  • If timelines are not observed there is a special escalation process previously specified by the client.
  • Proactively keep the pulse of the project and professionally consult the team to take out roadblocks. On specific business related topics, some topics get stuck due to no consensus amongst various stakeholders. This is where the contractor will play an instrumental role to bring subject matter experts and decision makers virtually together in one forum. 
  • Arrange weekly or monthly virtual project related meetings at key milestones in order to maintain the project stays to the timelines. These meetings will also be arranged so that design leads can deliver feedback. The Contractor must follow up with a written format of actions and troubleshoot if there is misunderstanding.

Start: 01.11.2022
Location: remote
Duration: till end of February 2023

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