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Apparel & Graphic Designer Sports - November 2022

herzo/remote, herzo/remote
For one of our clients we are looking for a Apparel & Graphic Designer for SMSU (Sports Marketing Service Unit)

Short description of the project:
  • Creation of Color and graphic concepts to be applied to women’s and Men’s apparel.
The project has the purpose to:
  • Creating interest and standout color and graphics concepts for the briefed sports event and apparel styles.
The following special unique expertise is needed that is not available internally: Technical sports performance apparel construction and pattern.

  • Independent creation of 4-8 projects for SMSU a month (project: a series of design orientated tasks that need to be completed to fulfill the brief) each project will be briefed by SMSU marketing team via teams, describing the customer and expectations of the project along with logo requirements, articles and models. Using its own expertise and outside perspective to create interest and standout color and graphics concept.
  • Carrying out consumer and product research (using web, magazines, and shopping), results to be inputted into mood board and consumer page in presentation template
  • Independently filling out 1 presentation template per project, creating a graphic and color story and drawing how that looks across the briefed menswear and womenswear styles, 10 designs per project, in line with the consumer research
  • All apparel designs have to be supplied in Illustrator or Clo. The client will double check the design concepts for further use.
  • Presenting work in the form of the presentation template in Illustrator or PDF via Teams for further use and implementing the requested design changes based on own experience
  • Independent creation of 10 tech packs for each apparel styles menswear/ womenswear or ACC, in order to communicate the chosen designs to development and T1 suppliers. Tech packs include Sketch of the style, color details, material details, 1 to 1 scale artwork, graded artwork on apparel patterns, color iterations per brief, repeats for all over prints (AOP´s), exact placement for placed prints. The external will act as an external consultant towards all other external parties.
  • Tech packs in Illustrator handed over to development via a Microsoft Teams handover session according to SMSU handover deadlines
  • Professional consulting on design product into the FOB (Free on Board) costing target that was briefed based on own expertise.
  • Adjusting tech packs according to development and T1 input: answering questions from factory side, checking the apparel/ artwork can be produced, re-working the apparel / artwork to reflect costing issues, re-coloring the artwork in case of color achievability issues. The adjusted tech packs will be double checked by the client SMSU development team.

Start: 01.11.2022
Location: 60% onsite in Herzogenaurach / 40% remote
Duration: Till end of March 2023

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