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Application Management Analyst - January 2023

Remote, Remote
For one of our clients we are looking for a an Application Management Analyst

Generation and linking of work processes in application management team, the sales & trading area of the client's IT

Project description:
All task areas in the above-mentioned application management should follow work processes that are optimally adapted to the existing client processes from other departments. This also applies to the completeness and up-to-dateness of the IT documentation. The work processes in Application Management have not yet been named or defined. Within the scope of this project, these names and definitions are to be made with the help of IT process analysts.
The goal of the project is to generate sufficiently tested work processes for at least 10 application management tasks. These are to be accepted and used effectively not only by the application management department, but also by the departments linked to it. This is to be proven by test runs.

  • Analyze work areas in Application Management in order to name and define the work processes
  • In the analysis, include the survey and information coming from the Application Managers of our department as well as IT architects, infrastructure teams, system administrators, DBAs, L2/L3 team, internal controlling, audit teams, resolver groups and DR teams of other departments.
  • The necessary contacts from these teams will be specified by the client.
  • As the result of the analysis, name the 10 most important work areas in Application Management and provide the process definitions for these task areas.
  • Although the specifications on how the processes are to be defined are based on criteria provided by existing client processes, it is also desired that own knowledge and experience be contributed by the consultant. The definitions of the existing processes are provided by the client.
  • Aim to reach a consensus on the process definitions and the individual steps in the processes through coordination of meetings with all parties involved so that the processes are accepted by all parties involved.
  • The goal here is to generate meaningful processes that correspond to the task and are optimized in terms of time and effort.
  • For each work process created, carry out 10 successful test runs under real conditions.
  • Independently carry out the analysis, the process definitions and the test runs.
  • Submit the results to the client in written form for approval.
  • Prepare a presentation to explain the results and present it in the department after approval by the client.
  • Function as contact person for the application management team for professional consulting on topics from the application management work areas:
  • Disaster recovery, application onboarding, decommissioning of applications and their IT systems, archiving, OS/DB updates, IT audit, annual user review, quarterly offboarding of inactive users, hardware/software lifecycle refresh.
  • The goal here is that the definitions of the work processes created are understood by the application managers and can be set up correctly from a technical point of view.
  • Tracking of the up-to-dateness of the IT documentation of 24 "Non Trading Applications/Services".
  • The documentation, the tools and the conditions for determining the up-to-dateness are provided by the client.
  • Relevant document types per application: Security Concept, Operational Readyness Document, Disaster Recovery Plan, Disaster Recovery Test Plan, IC-relevance Assessment, BGW-Assessment, CIA-Assessment.
  • Technical consulting of the Application Managers regarding the IT-technical formulations in the IT-documentation and its structural design.
  • The goal of these tasks are to enable the application manager to create technically correct, complete and up-to-date IT documentation.
  • Submit proposals in this regard to  the client in writing.
  • Coordinate Application Managers for and during the once a year IT audit and collection of evidence based on requests made by the auditors for 9 different controls on 12 applications.
  • The goal here is to optimize the work process of the Application Management regarding the audit as an example.
  • Recommendation of solutions, for optimization and automation, of the work processes in Application Management identified from the analysis, based on own knowledge and experience.
  • Submit the recommendations to the client in writing for approval.
  • The goal here is to automate the work processes as much as possible.
  • Monitor the project status of started activities in writing for monthly status reporting to the client, to track project progress.
  • Appear clearly as an external consultant of the client whenever interacting with external parties.

Required skills:
  • Strong Project Management skills with proven track record of having completed multiple projects to successful completion.
  • Technical skills on Windows platforms and related products such as Microsoft Office 365 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint, Teams); Advanced Excel skills, Microsoft DevOps, & working knowledge of Microsoft Azure (PaaS and IaaS)
  • General knowledge on key network infrastructure elements (DNS, DHCP, routing, proxy), scripting (Powershell, Bash), security components (like Active Directory), DBMS (MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL), ServiceNow, PowerAutomate, and DR topics.
Start: ASAP
Duration: 6 months+
Location: remote
Capacity: 40 hours/week


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