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Adobe Campaign Specialist - March 2023

remote, remote
For one of our clients in the Pharma industry we are looking for Adobe Campaign Specialist

Project name 1: Campaign management coordination with Adobe Campaign (Classic)

Project description:
The project includes the support and optimization of email marketing campaigns for the client with Adobe Campaign (Classic). As part of the project, the external contractor should set up workflows for email campaigns and take care of data and performance management for email journeys. In addition, the contractor provides various consulting services based on his Adobe Campaign expertise and experience in the required areas of responsibility, which are described in more detail below.

  • Coordination and requirements management:
    • On the one hand, the contractor acts as an interface between the global units and the client Team Germany due to the technical expertise and business understanding.
    • On the other hand, he is responsible for the organization and implementation of personalized, content-ready omnichannel campaigns for marketing purposes in the prescription drug sector for various target groups via the Adobe Campaign platform.
  • The step-by-step implementation includes:
    • The application of test criteria. These are made available to the contractor in advance by the client.
    • Briefing of all content-related and logical requirements for the global the cient unit Ongoing: Documentation of the entire campaign progress - The check is carried out by the client.
    • Pre-proofing and final proofing of the e-mail templates in Adobe Campaign via the external contractor - approval is given by the client
    • Selection of the campaign target group
    • Audit of workflows
    • Monitoring of all automated workflows
  • Advice on the possibilities of Adobe Campaign:
    • Customer Journey Advice on the possibilities of Adobe Campaign Classic, CRM and campaign management in general for the client
    • Advice on how to improve conversion and click rates for new campaigns and existing online registrations
    • Advice on technical OptIn/OptOut process optimization regarding newsletter subscriptions
    • Specialist and technical advice on digital transformation
  • Generation of Insights:
    • Independent implementation of special analyses, evaluations and derivation of learnings from Adobe Campaign e-mail campaigns
    • All required data is provided by the client

Project name 2: Veeva Suggestion
  • Project description:
    • Automated email and next best action suggestions are to be played out via the Adobe Campaign / Veeva (Sales Force) interface for optimal control of multichannel touchpoints.
    • The aim is to optimize email and multichannel management using a partially automated process.
  • Tasks:
    • Implementation of the suggestion standard operation via Adobe Campaign and Veeva.
    • Independent monitoring and creation of partially automated reports
    • Plausibility check of regulations
    • Independent reporting of malfunctions in system functionality
    • Advice on the development of workflow optimizations.
    • Client alone is responsible for the decisions on use in go-live operation and on the scaling of new approaches

Required Skills:
  • Campaign management coordination with Adobe Campaign (Classic)
  • MUST HAVE: Extensive experience with Adobe Campaign CLASSIC (at least 5 years)
  • Experience with Adobe Campaign Standard NOT NEEDED AND NOT RELEVANT
  • Experience in Marketing Automation projects ideally in (semi-)automated environment
  • Experience as product/customer/content manager* in pharma or similar industries
  • Strong project management skills, ability to work as part of a team in stakeholder coordination to meet deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills incl. ability to understand backend/IT requirements and business/marketing requirements, strategies, and tactics
  • Strong multichannel experience
  • Strong customer centricity for external and internal customers
  • High level of flexibility, as well as stress and frustration tolerance
  • Able to think and act in both a pragmatic and process-oriented manner
  • Adherence to all compliance requirements

Start: March 2023
Duration: 2 years+
Location: remote
Workload: 30 hours a week


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