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UX Researcher

Ingelheim am Rhein, Ingelheim am Rhein
For one of our clients in the pharma  industry we’re looking for a freelance UX Researcher:  

Project name: Research Operations in BI X
The research operations support all colleagues in BI X who want to gather insights using qualitative and quantitative methods to de-risk innovation efforts. We facilitate research by building strong relationships with third parties, vendors, and internal stakeholders in order to streamline recruiting, innovate in methodology, and enable evidence-based progress.

Background to the assignment

The research ops started gaining momentum in 2022 and its complexity is increasing. In order to meet high expectations and fully support the product development life cycle in BI X, we need an external with desired experience which is not available in BI X.
We’re constantly looking to find new recruitment possibilities, strengthen relationships with internal and external stakeholders, consult colleagues in research activities and document processes, successes, advances and failures.

The research ops team works with agile biweekly sprints to tackle different ongoing issues, considering short-, medium-, and long-term goals. The agile biweekly review takes place Monday afternoon for 60 minutes with research ops team. During the sprint review the team presents the outcomes of the past two weeks and decides on the next steps to be taken and keep working on in the next sprint. After that, the contractor works independently on their tasks. No further scrum-rituals, such as dailies are planned.

The contractor will provide the following tasks

Prepare and consult with the team in the organization and structure of the research operations efforts in BI X by:
  • Drafting documentation and templates with diverse methodologies and other information for internal review based on knowledge, experience and desktop research on methodologies
  • Prioritizing sprint tasks according to urgency and relevance of tasks.
  • Communicate with vendors and internal stakeholders to gather information relevant to the ReOps, such as recruitment, collaboration, new methodologies, and other topics defined in the sprints.
  • Consult team members with research and design tasks that involve planning, executing, and reviewing
  • Contact potential vendors and evaluate their capabilities to learn what we can do with the vendor in terms of recruitment and test in general:
  • Perform desktop research to identify potential vendors
    Prepare list of capabilities
  • Test the platforms with free-trials
  • Discuss capabilities with vendors directly
  • Update UX-related platforms and tools: building up and structuring the research repository in Dovetail, overlooking users and participants in UserZoom, creating documentation in Confluence.
  • Consolidate quantitative UX research efforts by analyzing and delivering recommendations on improvements regarding current quantitative methods, hypothesis testing, metrics-driven product development.
  • Advocate for the research operations of BI X to internal and external stakeholders, by presenting ongoing and future work.
  • English is a must have
  • Get-things-done mentality
  • Experience in setting up and conducting quantitative user research
  • Experience in qualitative research and behavioral design is a plus
  • Experience in using Research Repositories
  • Lives an agile and open feedback culture

Project start: 01.03.2023
Project location: Ingelheim am Rhein (onsite occasionally, 1 day/month)
Project duration: 10+ months

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