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Python Developer with good knowledge of C/C++ and Javascript/Typescript

remote, remote
For one of our clients we are looking for a Python Developer with good knowledge of C/C++ and Javascript/Typescript

adidas 4D algorithm and tool development

Project description:
  • The contractor is supposed to work independently on selected work packages according to his expertise and skills. The contractor develops and maintains algorithms, libraries and tools in the adidas 4D project. adidas 4D is an initiative inside adidas to create 3D printed midsoles and components in  adidas. There is an in-house creation pipeline specifically for creating performance midsoles using various types of lattice geometries. The algorithms behind this pipeline are written in C/C++ and Python. The frontend to this pipeline is a Python-Library, a web-based (JuPyter/ThreeJS) based graphical user interface and Rhino/Grasshopper components.
  • We are looking for a software developer that can develop and maintain software components in this pipeline. While the main focus will be in Python development, we are looking for developers with a hands-on mindset that aren’t afraid of also touching C/C++ and JavaScript code. Our CI/CD pipelines are based on Jenkins and mainly deploy into AWS services.

  • The purpose is to enhance our current 3D-printing pipeline using cloud-based Finite Element  Analysis. As similar expertise and experience is not available within the internal development team, the contractor will serve as the principal expert for those topics. Meetings take place on a (daily to bi-weekly) basis (based on the project phase and progress).

  • Implementation of a graphical cell re-orientation component in the JuPyter creation pipeline. This entails a Python algorithm for datastructure manipulation and some minor changes to gather input from the ThreeJS graphical frontend.
  • Implementation of closed loop optimization inside our cloud based finite element analysis system.
  • Implementation of a web-based (Python backend) monitoring system that shows the progress of closed loop optimizations running in the cloud
  • Implementation of an interface component to call FEA-simulation from Rhino/Grasshoppe

Required skills:
  • Computer science degree
  • At least 5 years of experience
  • Advanced skills in Python
  • Basic skills in C/C++
  • Basic skills in JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Some skills in 3D rendering / computer graphics are a plus
  • Basic CI/CD experience is a plus

Stat: ASAP
Duration: 8 months+
Location: remote

Capacity: 75% (15 days/month)

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