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Project Manager IT Carve out - May 2023

remote, remote
For one of our clients we are looking for a Project Manager Carve out

Project name: Carve Outs Uniper / M&A Transactions
Project Description:
Merger & Acquisition Department is planning Business Transformation Projects in 2023. ( Details on project can only be provided after signing NDA, but before start of the assignment)

  • Monitor the progress of technical objectives according to the project plan (quality of results, deadlines and costs)
  • Creating project plans to steer the complete handover or takeover of applications, data and processes as well as uninterrupted system use, cost and milestone planning which are fundamental project planning activities.
  • Analyses of systems and processes: run a pre-study process that describes the results, deadlines and estimated costs for fulfillment
  • Project planning and steering on defined project tasks - Project planning here includes all task steps from the definition of the activities to the planning of the sequences and parallelization measures, as well as the planning of the costs.
  • provide professional consultancy on activities of the providers included in CarveOuts based on information coming from the internal organization in advance as well as activities on delivering or receiving side.

In the specific project the tasks to be steered are:
  • Data identification
  • Process description
  • Extraction of in advance communicated Parts/ Informations of Businesses which has to be covered by NDA (will be signed before start and provided by Uniper)
  • provision of consultancy on technical issues while carve out (special topics has to be covered by NDA, which will be signed in advance, after that Information will be provided to the consultant)
  • Decommissioning
  • Knowledge transfer from Uniper to the new Owner of the carved Out Business ( Details has to be covered by NDA, this will be signed before the assignment starts and information will be provided by Uniper before start, as well).
  • Migration of data and applications in Uniper environment
  • Used tools: Mainly MS Office, Project Planning MS Project and the Uniper internal tool POT, for migration purposes SNP Transformation Backbone
  • Provide consultancy on (Professional, content and IT technical) project plans to responsible persons (Internal persons, Application Team members, management for information purposes, external providers, external persons, customer or seller)- creating plans, coordinating, controlling and adapting plans, as well as generating status information about them
  • Procure and staff activities (Create standard requests, non standard requests as well as order requests of the external providers DXC, TSY, SAP and SNP - Presentation and coordination of the requirements for the supplier, selection / assignment of tasks to suppliers, monitoring the work results)
  • Manage technical IT project team members: External providers, internal teams, application management, steering committee (management includes assignment of tasks to external parties, monitoring deadlines).
  • Coordinate the defined tasks in prestudy and in internal processes, decommissioning, approvals from business or security and create cutover planning ( in MS Office).
  • Monitor the deadlines - all milestones defined in prestudy or in the contract with customer
  • Provide and organize feedback via meeting, telcos and status reporting, project documentation
  • Organize (Setup meetings, telcos, alignment series) communication between the project employees and providers (no participating)
  • Adhere to company-specific rules/standards in the project work - Project handbooks, project office tool
  • Provide professional consultancy regarding the decision-making in the technical IT area to Product owners, application managers, architects about strategy, activities , content and timelines. The decisions are about concerning content, strategies, timelines, dependencies
  • Determine project-specific tasks/responsibilities/competencies for external IT sub-project managers (Infrastructure) as needed. Advise and steer the sub project manager to regarding project-related matters

Start: ASAP
Duration: 6 months+
Capacity: 16 hours/week
Location: remote


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