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Regulatory Monitoring Consultant - October

Remote, Remote
For one of our clients in the energy industry we’re looking for a freelance Regulatory Monitoring Consultant:
Project Goal: Design of a Regulatory Monitoring Framework

Project description
The Innovation department in the client is the spearhead of the client’s innovation (and to an extent, strategic and transformational) activities. The ambitious CO2-neutral roadmap 2035 was recently announced as part of the new strategy. The overall energy sector in Germany and more generally in Europe is going through a crisis putting in jeopardy the affordability of energy and security of supply, and consequently questioning the speed of energy climate neutrality. In this complex environment, the Government and regulatory institutions in Europe (to our concern namely German government and the European Commission) are adapting the current legislation that affects the energy sector and adjacent sectors such as Industrial sector, in order to help companies navigate the difficult environment and continue its pathway towards the Energy transition. In this context, it is urgent and highly relevant that the Innovation department is up to date on the latest updates of the regulation that can / may affect our projects and potential client businesses as well as opening opportunity spaces for new businesses. Given the speed of action, regular unstructured monitoring is not sufficient anymore, and we, therefore, need to establish a systematic approach to understand the different policies in place, and the changes and new policies being implemented (resulting in such regulatory framework)

Task description:  
  • Definition of a regulatory monitoring framework that embeds the policies (regulations and legislations) in the EU and more specifically Germany – that affect any business model in our innovation portfolio. Following our innovation focus areas, the goal is that the outcome has three different divisions/ sub-project deliverables: one for renewable molecules/fuels, one for renewable power sources and batteries, and one for carbon management business models, but it follows a similar structure and format, that can be used as standard “product” across innovation areas and can thus be updated relatively easy on regular basis.
  • The goal of the developed framework is to provide structured criteria and KPIs, and the key information on each shortlisted policy, in order for an Innovation project manager to assess the essence of a EU/DE policy (new or updated policy) and be able to derive implications from it for our businesses (defined within the three areas mentioned above).
  • Analyze and take into consideration the different stages of EU legislation in the energy sector and assess the implications of each policy according to this stage. Layout the key KPIs that need to be monitored in order to identify a threshold/tipping point when a policy, that currently has no direct/tangible implications, becomes impactful.Professionally consult the respective legal department, CCGR team, Innovation Managers, and the Radar team to develop the final product that can be taken over by the Radar team after the project. Take into consideration the requirements of the Innovation managers and the inputs from the legal department to establish a process that translates the inputs from the legal department into triggers for action for the Innovation managers.
  • Develop the framework based on different information sources and include other relevant ongoing consultancy CO2 and green molecules projects (as well as expert interviews e.g. via service providers like Alphasights or others, research into official regulatory documents, other market sources accessible to Innovation such as HIS or Bloomberg), but also other sources that the consultant can access due to his/her expertise in the field.
  • The goal after the completion of the service is to have an outcome produced which provides detailed information about the different policies that affect our businesses described in the previous point, and the information should enable the project manager to form an opinion on the implications the policy has for each of the businesses pursued in innovation. Furthermore, the developed framework should enable the Innovation department to continuously update the regulatory monitoring in a structured and resource-efficient way.
  • Create an automated solution listing the policies (policies, regulations or directives) and different elements are assessed for each policy: timeline, geographical scope, frequency of updates, business model impacted, potentially to be developed in close collaboration with client’s COODE program. Additionally, a PowerPoint deck with the key messages of the study and the structure of the framework, a file (e.g., in excel or PowerBI) Any other format is also encouraged, as long as it addresses the right content and answers the posed questions.
  • Create the required project documentation to comply with Innovation standards (NDAs, LOIs or the like)
  • Moderate and document weekly/bi-weekly project meetings online and prepare, conduct, consolidate and share results of remote workshops internally when needed to discuss and identify project-related content on individual project needs within the regulatory framework.
  • Consult the Innovation Manager responsible for the Area on specific content, top management communication, and internal innovation communication based on expertise.
  • Present the final outcome to the cross-disciplinary team using MS Office and MS Teams.

Project start: ASAP (16.10.)
Project location: Remote
Project duration: 4+ months

Project capacity: 32 hrs./week

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