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Project Manager - Hospitality Events (m/f/d) - March 2024

Herzogenaurach, Bayern
For one of our clients, we are looking for Project Manager - Hospitality Events (m/f/d)
  •  Short description of the project: Within this project, the client’s European key customers are invited to the client’s showrooms at World of Sports in Herzogenaurach to meet the Sales Teams, see the new seasonal collection, get product information and to place their orders.
  • The project has the purpose that, the client creates best-in-class customer meetings for EU key accounts.

Тhe client provides all necessary products, information, contact details, documents, access to relevant systems and all other requirements in advance.
The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are independently performed by the contractor: 
  • Professionally consult the client on how to set up the showroom based on own expertise.
  • Professionally consult the customer on the best way to set up and conduct account meetings in order to generate smooth execution and best customer journey as possible based on contractors’ expertise.
  • Professionally consult the client on timely delivery of all relevant documents by reminding all internal & external stakeholders regularly via E-Mail/MS Teams, calls (invitation lists, sample needs, hotel requests). The status quo must be documented via Excel or MS Notes.
  • Independently create an “easy to use and easy to understand” account meeting schedule per season which can be shared with all involved stakeholders. Professionally consult the customer which source of truth and tool to be used for it. (Excel, SmartSheet, Outlook) Contractor can choose the tool of use. Requirements are easy access, known systems like Microsoft are preferred. Meeting setup done by the client.
  • Professionally consult which information are relevant for guests visiting the World of Sports in Herzogenaurach and creation of a “3rd party/visitor toolkit” (ppt) which can be shared with them upfront to simplify the overall journey and stay. (Activity options, restaurants, maps, transport operators, giveaways, catering booking). The creation is based on the contractor’s expertise. Sharing to be done by the client.
  • Preparation of briefing document for Brand Ambassadors (=BAs, client’s externals) with all relevant information in order to clarify their daily tasks (room clean up, sample selection/ preparation/ moving/storing) and simplify the selection & supervisory process. Supervisory & selection is not part of the service provided, preparation only. Creation of briefing document is based on the contractor’s expertise, tool of use chosen by the contractor. 
  • Execute the “Opening” of individual customer meetings based on own (30-60 min frontal ppt presentation on stage with 3-4 presenters and 8-30 guests: Guide presenters through the rehearsal and technical setup on-site. Share expertise & recommendations for a smooth Opening presentation. Content creation by the client. Contractor focuses on consultancy and smooth operation.
The contractor will act as an external consultant towards all external partners.

The performance of the contractor has the goal: To fulfill all above-mentioned tasks as described on time and in full.
  • SS25 Prelines
    • Mid Feb: 5h/w
    • Mar 1 – Mar 22: 20h/w
    • Mar 25 – May 10: 35h/w
  • FW25 Prelines (preliminary)
    • Mid of Aug.: 10h/w
    • Mid Aug. – mid Sept.: 40h/w
    • Mid Sept. – mid Oct.: 20h/w
    • Mid Oct. – end of Nov.: 35h/w

Start: 01.03.2024
Location: 50% remote/50% onsite (Herzogenaurach)
Duration: 10 months+


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