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Consultant SAP PLM-LIMS - June 2019

Düsseldorf, Germany
For one of our clients we are looking for an PLM-LIMS Consultant


PLM-LIMS will enhance the existing solution on SAP using modules RD (recipe development), EH&S specification database and QM to further support recipe and process development for the client's Laundry Business.

  • Functional Design. After detailed analysis of requirements by subject matter expert (SME) the functional and non-functional requirements will be documented in a Word document by a subject matter expert (SME).
  • Technical Design. Depending on the outcome of the analysis there will be one or more technical design documents, which will be created by the respective person who will implement the changes based on the functional design. In order to facilitate later maintenance by ACN, the technical documentation, outlining the changes to the existing solution, will be handed over to ACN in cause of the Knowledge Transfer session.
  • Build and unit testing. Coding / Customizing of solution will be done on the development platform of SAP D03. Only if unit testing was successful, integration and acceptance tests will be started.
  • System test / Business test. Dedicated business testers will test the adjusted functionality on SAP C03 – after a successful unit test (see above). For some topics not only testers from Formula development, but also from packaging development are needed. People from business will define the test cases in advance to the resp. business test.
  • System Integration test / User acceptance test. Focus here is to validate that PLM LIMS works correctly and that the adjusted functionality works. Testing is done by dedicated business testers. Business testers will be selected in a way that LIMS user community (formula and packaging development) is successfully represented.
  • Tests are done with respect to the functional design; changes or enhancements to functions will be dealt with Change requests depending on available budget.
  • Deployment.  No Migration of data (projects/CRs) from legacy system are in scope. From a certain date in time, new projects/CRs will use the new features while running projects/CRs will be completed without new features. Release to production: tested code and configuration into the production environment, and successfully transfer ownership of the system to the production support team. Knowledge transfer to ACN by IBS.
  • Rollout. IBS AND Business will work together to define a rollout approach to support a consistent interface for end users as far as possible, so that high efficiency of data entry is achieved. Training of adjusted functionality will be done by business

Start: ASAP
Duration: 5 months+
Location: Düsseldorf

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