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EDI Consultant - July

Düsseldorf, Germany
For one of our clients we are looking for a freelance EDI Consultant

Project Description:

Our client is optimizing its warehouse footprint in Europe which include new warehouse and warehouse management partners. For these new logistic processes, the necessity to interchange data electronically exists. The implementation of these connections and the proper delivery and transformation of data electronically via EDI is used to fulfill this requirement.
The consultant will receive work items named “Change Requests” which he/she will be responsible to execute within a pre-aligned time frame. These “Change Requests” correspond to individual EDI messages that need to be implemented with our partner warehouses. The “Change Request” is considered concluded after business user acceptance and its transport to client’s productive SAP system. The consultant receives a set of “Change Request” upon the start of his/her assignment along with other information required to set up the EDI connections.
Task Description:

The consultant will independently:
  • Analyse assigned “Change Requests” to determine necessary calculations, mapping logic, communication method and other technical assets to fulfill the EDI request including documentation of the result in a digital format of their own choice.
  • Execute map development via EDI vendors such as Seeburger or OpenText needed to implement a solution to the previously analyzed EDI request.
  • Consult EDI specialists and potentially, business process specialists within the client's Beauty Care logistics team to enhance implementation of the request.
  • Test the implemented solution in coordination with EDI vendors and technical contacts at our warehouse partners. The tests include:
    • Processing test input/output files;
    • Planning activities and timing for go-live of the solution in client’s productive system;
    • Establishing communication and message transmission to the warehouse partners;
    • Troubleshooting and error resolution during a one week “hypercare” phase after go live of solution.
Start: 01.08.19
Duration: 5 months +
Location: Düsseldorf
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