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Workshop Consultant Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)

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For one of our clients, we are looking for a Workshop Consultant (f/m) Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF).

Project description: Uniper Innovation” is the spearhead of Uniper’s innovation activities. The ambitious CO2-neutral roadmap 2035 was recently announced as part of the new strategy. The project aims to analyse the off-takers for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), and to prepare a strategy to approach potential customers for Uniper with the ultimate goal to assess a potential market entry of Uniper in the area of SAF. One main task of the project is to establish contacts to airlines (passenger and/or logistic). The Workshop is an important part of UNIPER’s strategy to enter the SAF market. The focus of this project is on the midstream supply chain - from availability of the synthetic kerosine ex works to the delivery of the Jet-1A at the airport. From the findings and results of the workshop Uniper Innovation aims to develop a clear market entry strategy along the midstream SAF supply chain.
Time frame & quantity of workshops to be moderated: 1-2 Workshops from 01. - 31.03.2021

1. the oil industry to develop strategies and scenarios how to enter the evolving market processing and delivering synthetic kerosine as Jet-1A at the airports by competing or partnering with the oil majors
2. the airline/ sales industry to develop strategies and scenarios for building a short-, mid- and long-term customer portfolio across Europe with a focus on understanding the willingness to pay, ticket price components, drivers and variables and critical purchase triggers
Time frame & quantity of workshops to be moderated: 1-2 Workshops from 01. - 31.03.2021

Task: The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are independently performed by the external consultant:

- The moderator will be briefed by the Innovation manager and one industry expert a few days before the workshop
- The moderator will be briefed on the current industry status, the Uniper hypothesis and minimal targets for the workshops
- The moderator will be given an initial structure for the workshop and is expected to bring in his experience as well
- Steer a coordinated discussion and arrive clear findings and conclusions to further build a Uniper market entry strategy into the evolving SAF market
- The moderator is open to find ways to achieve the targets for the discussion during the workshop
- The moderator will be enabled to steer the discussion based on content provided by Uniper combined with his professional experience
- Define and reach clear outcomes that can be transformed into a strategy
- The moderator is requested to create minutes of the workshop as per his personal view and hand over the minutes to the Innovation Manager
- The moderator is invited to actively participate to draw conclusions for Uniper´s strategy from the outcome of the workshop
- The workshop will be performed via MS Teams

Start: March 2021
Location: Remote
Capacity: 16 hours/week

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