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Consultant Palantir - April 2021

remote, remoet
For one of our clients we are looking for a Consultant for Palantir Pricing Applications

Project description:
The client runs within Adhesive Technologies a project to systematically check existing pricing conditions and optimize those in order to maximize EBIT. The project covers analysis, presentation and optimization steps. All of this is done with Palantir Foundry software.  The relevant sub project scope is about maintaining and enhancing these solutions.

The scope of service of the contractor is regarding the existing Palantir-based solution. To a smaller extent, tasks may be performed in the implementation of the successor platform. All services will be delivered using an agile working method. External resources are needed as there is no internal staff with the required expertise in the following area:
  • Palantir Foundry
    • Workshop
    • Slate
    • Object Explorer
    • Ontology
  • PySpark (experienced)
  • SQL
  • Spark (distributed computing)
  • JavaScript and/or TypeScript
  • PowerBI - itermediate, Dremio and SQL - basic
  • Low Code Application Development
Further info:
  • The external consultant is in a unique position and performs significantly different tasks than the internal employees, namely Development of Pricing Data Pipelines. Only Scrum Master and Business Product Owners are internal client Staff.
  • One sprint consists of two week and there is a daily jour fixe of 15 minutes and a weekly backlog meeting of 30 minutes. During these meetings, the team discusses the current requirements and issues, and the contractor independently performs the following tasks:
  • Enhancement according to Product backlog of existing advanced data pipelines and low code applications for the pricing initiatives within Palantir Foundry. The documentation of the existing pipelines will be provided by the client in advance.
  • Consulting of Price Generation process to expanded on different levels of the value creation process
  • Maintenance and expanding of Pyspark Pipelines, Low Code Environment applications (Palantir Workshop), object modification processes (Ontology Actions).
  • Functional and technical consulting of business analysis and facilitate documentation of business requirements that will be validated and approved by the client.
  • Independently implement the needed business functions (as described in the tasks above/product backlog) in the Pyspark Pipelines, Low Code Environment applications (Palantir Workshop), object modification processes (Ontology Actions) including the related deployment activities.
  • Create crud (create, read, update, delete) operations in Palantir Foundry for predefined objects (as defined above during the business analysis/product backlog), that will be validated and approved by the client.
  • Develop the new functions (as defined above during the business analysis/product backlog) for expanding the price generation process, based on input of IT team and Adhesives Marketing team. This input will be gathered in the product backlog by the product owner.
  • Build a testing environment for potential new changes according to specialty of Product Backlog.
  • Code tests as well as data quality checks will be executed according to specialty of Product Backlog. Defects will need to be fixed and once in quality code will need to be deployed to production.
  • Software Code will be inline documented, processes and templates introduced or modified will be continuously documented inside AzureDevOps and wiki, the client will review and approve it as part of Sprint review process the quality.
  • Handover to client or other external company. This process will be several online sessions, where documentation will be checked / enhanced if necessary.
  • The service provision of the contractor has the goal to maintain and enhance the Pricing Data Pipelines primarily of the Palantir Foundry software used by the client’s Adhesives department and secondarily enhance the Pricing Data Pipelines in specific cases for the successor platform with specific PowerBI dashboards.
Start: ASAP
Duration: 8 months+
Language skills: English must have, German preferably
Capacity: 30 hours/week
Location: remote

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