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Elektrofachkraft/ EFK(w/m/d)

München/ Hamburg, Germany
For one of our clients we’re looking for a freelance Elektrofachkraft (EFK certified Infrastructure Support Engineer) with 3 - 5 years of experience in Data Center / Work Place Services with precise knowledge of Telecom Lab equipment

Project description:
This project is support the customer for their infrastructure setup in the lab/s comprising of the various devices for a typical telecom service provider in the area of 2g/3G/4G & 5G services.
As an infrastructure engineer – you are expected to have precise knowledge of Lab equipments and required certifications to support your roles as below.

  1. This includes the initial as well as regular inspection and measurement of stationary and non-stationary electrical systems and equipment.
  2. Mandatory Protocols and “Gefährdungsbeurteilungen” need to be generated according to VDE norms.
  3. Furthermore, regular checks of tools and equipment which are used by the infrastructure team is in scope of the “Anlagenverantwortlicher” e.g. legislative checks of tools (e.g. power drills) and ladders.
  4. Power, LAN, Optical and HF  cabling & Patching
  5. Rack mounting, dismounting and rebuilding of elements
  6. Documentation (e.g. assets, cabling, DGUV3)

  1. Experience in electrical installation and equipment (Anlagenverantwortlicher für elektrischen Anlagen und Betriebsmitteln gem. DIN VDE 0105-100)
  1. Work is to be done  onsite. Installation of racks and connecting any kind of power supply shall be conducted only by a qualified electrician (Elektrofachkraft EN 50110-1:2008-09-01 chapter 3.2.3)
  2. Elektrofachkraft: A qualified electrician is a person who, due to its technical training, knowledge and experience as well as knowledge of the relevant standards, tasks assigned to him, evaluate and recognize possible hazards (DIN VDE 0105 Part 100)
  3. A direct contact needs to be established between Customer Lab Management and the announced “Elektrofachkraft” / “Anlagenverantwortlichen” even if this role is sub-contracted by the supplier.
  4.  The mandatory renewed certificates have to be provided proactively on a regular basis (according to regulations).
  1. In order to maintain the proper condition, electrical systems and equipment shall be repeatedly checked. The basis is the BetrSichV §10 risk assessment and the DGUV Rule 3 §5 (BetrSichV §10 Gefährdungsbeurteilung und die DGUV Vorschrift 3 §5). Compliance statements and reports of these checks shall be reported to Customer pro-actively.
  2. English and German

Project start: ASAP
Project duration: 6+ months
Project location: Hamburg or Munich

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