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Retail Marketing Consultant - June 2024

Herzogenaurach, Bavaria
For one of our clients in the sports and fashion industry we’re looking for a freelance Retail Marketing Consultant:

Project description:
For GTMSO FW25 (Go-To-Market Sign-Off FW25) the client needs to create seamless retail toolkits (Presentations) & assets, how the category activations will be executed at retail (DTC/WHS (=DirectToConsumer/Wholesale) and digital (.com, APP, E-WHS). Next to this the client need to create a “in-store” experience in our Podium (showroom) with a launch zone and retail tools. Finally, the client needs to create a showroom guidance for markets and their sell-in meetings. The project has the purpose to create a strong and impactful Sell-In Toolkit for Go-To-Market Sign-Off FW25 from a retail and digital perspective. It should help markets to understand, how the category activations will come to life in FW25 presented at GTMSO FW25 and support them later at their own Sell-In Meetings in the markets.   

Task description:
  1. Manage GO TO MARKET SIGN-OFF (= GTMSO) FW25 Sportswear Retail & Digital Toolkit creation and the Podium Experience room setup (APP & FTW = Apparel & Footwear). This includes the following tasks:
  • Preparation of agency brief (word document) and project overview (PPT format) based on project requirements, client strategies and guidelines shared upfront
  • Creation of a workback schedule for the GTMSO FW25 process based on contractor’s expertise. Final timeline according to the go-live event on September 9th.
  • Organization of external agency meetings and external agency presentations based on the GTMSO process guidance from the client. External agencies will create the presentations & tools based on the given direction/guidance by contractor.
  1. Manage selected agency as they develop strategy and creative concept.
  • Provide feedback via mail and phone calls to the agency on the creative proposals and concept execution based on client guidelines provided upfront
  • Consolidate feedback on external agency concepts in weekly remote project meeting with the external agency and client stakeholders.
  • Check that budget is in line with the agreed amount in the Scope of Work document of the external agency approved at the beginning of the project by client and execute against workback schedule, which has been defined at the beginning of the project by the contractor based on client’s input and own expertise.
  • The client will provide requirements for the project as well as strategy documents and guidelines upfront and double check strategy
  1. Manage and control external agency creation/production process for GTMSO FW245 seamless retail toolkit and the SPW (=Sportswear) Podium rooms setup which includes:
  • Share creative and production feedback with the external agency during production phase via mail and phone calls
  • Check if production and deliverables are in line with strategy and the client’s guidelines defined at the beginning of the project. If they are not in line, ask the agency to correct it to follow the guidelines.
  • Check that the Podium experience areas are tested and shipped to Herzogenaurach based on the determined timelines, if timelines are not met contractor addresses it to the client via E-mail.
  • The client will double check all deliverables, which are handed over by the contractor in collaboration with the external agency.
  1. Manage delivery of GTMSO retail & digital highlight toolkit (presentations) including the on-ground setup of the SPW Podium rooms (APP & FTW) in close collaboration with the assigned external agency based on workback schedule:
  • Check that the developed “retail/experience” concepts are setup and executed within the assigned Podium rooms & spaces following client/workplace health & safety guidelines. Coordinate the entire process and streamline with the BU Sportswear, Brand Communications SPW & GTM Operations team.
  • Create in alignment with the external agency seamless retail (retail & digital) presentations (.pptx) for the client SPW FW25, which provide clear guidance for markets. Presentation will be provided by the client upfront and content created by expertise of the contractor.
  • Every presentation, files and guidelines are handed over to the client for approval in clear structured folders for all retail and digital assets including artwork and tech-files, which will be created by the retail & digital lead agency.
Project timelines:  Go-Live event on the 9th of September.

Project start: ASAP
Project duration: 3+ months
Project locations: Herzogenaurach (30% onsite)
Project capacity: ca. 56 days (448  hrs.)


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