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IoT Consultant (m/f)

Düsseldorf, Germany
For one of our clients we are looking for a IoT Consultant (m/f)

Project Description:

Due to new upcoming and running IoT applications planned for different client´s business units, external expertise for architectural and solution decisions for IoT portfolio is needed. This external support and expertise will guarantee state-of-the-art solutions with specialized IoT knowledge and expertise, especially in the fields of IoT architecture, IoT communications (e.g. RF, Cellular) and a broad overview of the business market. The IT Consultant will support the present team in the design, selection and implementation of new platforms and software solutions. The consulting service will serve /assist as a catalyst to materialize new IoT applications quicker, increase potential for scale-up and replication and hence ensure client´s exposure on IoT markets and support the overall project portfolio strategy.

Task Description:

•             Provide specialized assistance in architectural and solution decisions for innovative IoT consumer products
•             Counsel inhouse Consumer IoT expertise in the latest IT and digital trends
•             Accelerate client’s digital transformation with innovative products and services

Start: 1.08.2018
Duration: 6 month +
Location: Düsseldorf

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