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Project Manager in the Energy Sector - March 2019

Düsseldorf, NRW
For one of our clients we are looking for a Project Manager with experience in the Energy Industry

Project Description:
  • The client's IT Department is looking for a Project Manager in the Dispatch area to run a initiative for Demand Response System implementation and preparation for these activities. The Project has multiple interfaces in the client departments and therefore a Project Manager with Dispatch Background and strong communication is desired with the clear focus of delivery.
  • Within the project the last steps of selecting the desired Software shall be followed and directly prepare the implementation where technical connections to the TSO as well as into the Cooperate Network from the client have to implemented. The selection process of the Software is already running and has to be finalized before the implementation will start. The Project has already started.

Task Description:
  • The Project Manager has to run the Project with small internal support from the client resources therefore not only tacking of the Project is needed rather a wide range from Project Management until dependency Management and supplier management will be included.
  • Create and Maintain a Project Plan
  • Organizing and steering of Project Steering Committees
  • Participate in Contract Negotiations and understand open topics
  • Take up open topics and bring them to a focussed and aligned decision
  • Steering of external supplier

Authority to Decide:
  • Project Manager has full authority for decisions on Project Level which do not impact the overall Business Case or adding financial risks to the client.

Required skills:
  • Strong Project manager with the required Softkills to close down actions in a Steering Committee
  • Energy Background required
  • No expert in an individual technology / topic as this will be provided by the Project Team members rather being able to Manage a Team and having a strong focus to close down open topics
Start: ASAP
Duration: 8 months+
Location: Düsseldorf
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