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Consultant ITSM Specialist SNOW - July 2021

remote, remote
For one of our clients we are looking for an ITSM Specialist SNOW
Project description:
The client is currently using SNOW for its Service management activities (Incident, Change, Configuration), that all rely on having properly modelled and up-to-date Services in the SNOW (Services, Service Offerings, Applications). The project aims for having all the Services properly modelled according to the SNOW Modelling Framework, regularly updated, relationships analyzed, deviations alerted and corrected dependencies between Services in CMDB, UPMX and between Services and Service Products checked and updated.
Planned start/end date: August 2021 – December 2022

  • Study & internalize the SNOW specific (Service Now) Modelling Framework to apply modelling rules in CMDB and UPMX.
  • b) Modelling: setup the model in SNOW as defined in the FRD (Functional Requirement Document) applying the SNOW Modelling Framework. The FRD will be made available by the client by giving access to storage facility Azure DevOps
  • c) Modelling: If an information gap is identified, raise a Request per email to Service Owner for FRD Update (as defined in the FRD) of the respective Service.
  • d) Modelling: create technical specific modelling documentation and store in the respective User stories in AzureDevOps. Finalized documentation will be reviewed and signed off by the client.
  • e) Data Quality: independently perform review services belonging to the Service Product SAP in SNOW and check the following for the duration of the project:
    • a. are all Services attributes up to date according to the result of the SNOW Lifecycle Management Report as a status report automatically updated in SNOW
    • b. are all SNOW technical relationships (mappings) between CMBD and UPMX entries available & up to date?
    • c. are the models modelled according to the SNOW Modelling Framework?
    • d. in case of missing information depending on the client, request missing information from the respective Service Owner (SO) for Services or Service Product Owner (SPO) for Service Products via Azure DevOps Tasks. (Responsibilities defined in the FRD and Dev Ops)
  • f) Consult the individual Service Owners and Service Product owners on best practices about how to holistically create FRD’s to meet SNOW & ITIL requirements
  • g) Hold Q&A sessions for the Service Owners and Service Product Owners in the area of SAP in regards the FDR definition and current SNOW models in place, via MS Teams. The client will provide information about which Service Owners and Service Product Owners to include.
  • h) In case of identified technical errors in the SNOW it is requested to raise an incident via SNOW for resolution and inform the Hiring manager via email about the creation and severity of the incident to technically consult the specific stakeholder on the implications of the technical error, next steps and when to expect an update / solution.
  • i) In case process error is identified, analysis of the error, assign a task within AzureDevOps to the Hiring manager, documenting the error and requesting correction of the process definition.
  • j) Azure DevOps, where every Service Modelling and Data Quality topics are a User Story and single activities are the Tasks. Project as such is represented by a Feature. The project does not follow sprint methodology, only using the Azure DevOps tool for the transparency of tasks.
  • k) Main tools provisioned by the client are: SNOW (CMDB, UPMX); Azure DevOps, O365 tools
  • l) Because of security policy the contractor is obliged to access client environment using only Notebook and Security Token provided by the client. Private devices are considered as non-compliant with the Security Policy as they represent risk of data loss or theft.
Start: ASAP
Duration: Till end of 2021+
Location: Remote
Capacity: 20 hours/week

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