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Packaging Expert for data validation (w/m/d) - September

Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf
For one of our clients we are looking for a Packaging expert for data validation (w/m/d)

Project description:
The client needs to know the overall weight and materials of the packaging used for their products. Those parameters are determined based on the packaging BOM and specification data and the product sales data. Client’s specification data for determining the weight of packaging materials is not perfect, BOM data or the specification data can be missing or wrong. The fraction sales with such data cannot be neglected. Hence, the packaging weight of this fraction sales data has to be approximated. To that end, a python script has been developed and used for a comprehensive calculation of the client’s 2020 packaging data. This set of data will now be validated.

Background of the engagement of an external contractor is that they have the appropriate and required skills and capabilities that are not available internally. In addition the external contractor will provide services that are clearly distinguishable from the services internal employees are providing.

Tasks and subtasks:

The contractor performs the plausibility checking of packaging weight data independently.

Sub-Task 1 -Setting up the plausibility check
Development of proposals for checking rules, and defines plausibility criteria for calculated data
    • for bills of materials
    • for packaging components

Task 2 – Plausibility check for calculated data
Performing plausibility checks on packaging data calculated based on SAP-information on the bills of materials and the packaging components specification data:
  • identifies implausible bills of material
  • identifies components with implausible data
  • suggests improvements for replacing implausible data (IDHs and components) with correct values or reasonable estimates
  • hands over improvement suggestions to the project manager (PM)

Task 3 – Plausibility check for estimated data
Performing plausibility checks on packaging data that are estimated because the input data is missing or corrupt.
  • Identifies implausible estimates
  • Evaluates the plausibility of the estimator
  • Checks whether input data for the estimator are plausible, implausible input data are forwarded to the PM
  • Checks the evaluation rules, implausible evaluation rules are forward to the PM

Used data:
The data is available to the contractor via a Sharepoint. The data is comprised of:
  • Client’s product sales data
  • Bill of Material data
  • Specification data for packaging materials
  • Types and calculated weights of packaging materials
  • Types and estimated weights of packaging materials

Project start: ASAP
Project duration: 2+ months
Project location: Remote
Capacity: 16 hrs./week


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