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Consultant SAP EDM - April 2022

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For one of our clients we are looking for a Consultant SAP EDM

Project description: P2900 Regulatory Changes 2022. Analysis of existing market processes and data model for robustness and adaptations to new market rules starting on 1 April 2022 and 1 October 2022 caused by format change through Bundesnetzagentur. The aim of the project is the fulfilment of regulatory requirements of Bundesnetzagentur.

Task description:

1. Analysis of new upcoming market processes and related adaptations - Bundesnetzagentur has published the market processes to use starting 1 April 2022 and what features the process has to fulfill. SAP does not rollout every new market process within the updates and patches. SAP offers webinar sessions to spread the information about content of patches and updates. Depending on the content of the SAP delivery the build the missing processes to fulfil the regulatory requirements according to GPKE, GELiGas and MABiS. Uniper business has its own requirements to the processes, which together form the basis of decision-making. Some processes to fulfil the regulatory requirements according to GPKE, GELiGas and MABiS were shipped by SAP in patches and updates. These patches and updates are installed by DXC, our SAP Basis service provider. Check and update of the shipped processes with Uniper specific checks and requirements. Customize the MPM processes in SAP. Most of the adaptations are customizing in SAP, some customer specific checks are based on ABAP methods. Develop and modify customer specific checks and functions as methods and customize the customer specific checks into the processes to fulfil the regulatory requirements according to GPKE, GELiGas and MABiS in ABAP. Find a suitable solution on how and when to implement. The timeline is given through shipment of patches and updates from SAP and Bundesnetzagentur.

2. Conduct workshops with business and collect the results as long as the requirements are clear enough and in weekly meetings during concept phase - Bundesnetzagentur has published the market processes and formats to use starting 1 April 2022 and what features the process has to fulfill. This information in total is the basis of decision making. This is performed in workshops. The workshops are organized by the business project manager or the IT project manager. The stakeholders are defined in the project organization chart. Inform the business project manager to organize the workshops if business input is needed or the solution outline is to discuss. The business project manager knows the participants which will be needed for the workshops. Some participants may be named upfront as team members in project organigram, some participants will be named by the business project manager if needed for clarification of specific business requirements. Document the results of these workshops in a combined document: Business requirements and technical implementation concept. Business writes the business requirements and consultant writes technical implementation concepts. If business requirements are not clear or doubtful, this will be clarified in workshops and commented in the document. Present the finalized document to the business before the implementing begins.

3. Check the required system patches - SAP will publish required patches and updates for 1 April 2022. Some patches are available now, some are expected later in 2021. Advice Uniper to find the right sequence and time to install the patches, checks the system requirements by comparing actual patch levels and gives technical details for ordering this from DXC. The patches and updates are for our SAP IS-U Landscape: D63 – Development, Q63 – Test and P63 Production system.

4. Consult with regard to needed work packages and tasks as a base for project effort calculation.

5. Adaptation of existing market processes and creation of new required market processes based (IDEX and MPM) and program ABAP/OO. Develop and consult with regard to a project schedule by defining timelines, activities and milestones. Uniper provides all necessary information, access to the systems and requirements in advance.
5.a Implementation of format changes and enhancements in the field of EDM and MABiS (supplier role and balancing coordinator role)
5 b. Processing of EDIFACT messages outside the IDEX / MPM processes. Adapting custom code.
5 c. Adjustment and further development of accounting procedures
5 d. Adaptation and further development of master data structure balancing
5 e. Adaptation and further development of SAP CONDET module (G685 Gas)
5 f. Adaptation and further development of the technical consistency check (FKP monitor – custom development)
5 g. Implementation of bug fixes in custom code resulting from requirements or changes in EDM and MABiS field.

6. Coordinate incidents by analyzing dependencies and consult the business/department and stakeholders with regard to most suitable solutions to be applied. The analysis includes troubleshooting and suitable correction of the reported issue/incident in SAP IS-U system. Solve the issue based on the expertise knowledge. The suggested solution will be tested in the quality system by the end user and will be released for the production system.

7. Coordinate application of enhancements based on the aforementioned analysis. The coordination includes the dependencies on other processes, test documentation and move to production without affecting the business process.

8. Steer application of incident solving and track the status of enhancement progress accordingly. Develop the solution and provide the necessary information/solution to the other systems/counterparties. Track the status of enhancement with maintenance of the current status in the enhancement tracking tools Solution Manager or ServiceNow.

9. Coordinate future enhancements in deadlines and estimations on the Golive time window on the enhancement (new function). Consult the business on how the future enhancement will look like and on technical requirements that are needed in order to implement the technical solution.

10. Check technical changes and transports done by an external supplier, according to the SAP developer guidelines.

11. Run all reports related to SAP IS-U System in order to check codes or code changes. Check code changes via the Transport Manager tool “codeprofiler” in SAP ABAP after running the related transactions. If the codeprofiler found no issues before, the changes run the transport way Development-Qualtity-Production system.

12. Consult Uniper in the Application Management of SAP AMS and in solving the issues figured out in the check before. This is also based on the definition of incident management that was carried out earlier.

Reports have to be provided by the consultant in development and test environment. After a successful test by Uniper the consultant has to provide the transport to production environment.

Uniper provides all necessary information, access to the systems and requirements in advance.

Must Have's:
  • MSCons inbound processing;
  • Knowledge of EDM (Energy Data Management/Energiedaten-Management)
  • Knolwedge of Mabis
  • Knolwedge of Electronic Data Transfer
  • Languages: English – fluent, German – fluent (Documentation written in English)

Start: ASAP
Duration: 6 months+
Location: remote
Capacity: 40 hours/week


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