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UX Designer/Researcher for a B2B Mobile Application - May 2022

Ingelheim/remote, Ingelheim/remote
For one of our clients we are looking for an UX Designer/Researcher for a B2B Mobile Application

Project description:

FARMERA is a digital product, and more specifically a digital platform that helps farmers in their daily animal care activities and by that collects and leverages data from different sources around pig production to improve pig health and productivity. Initially FARMERA aggregates data into one remote platform, creates alerts and gives insights into production parameters to reduce the time to intervention and to improve efficiency in pig production. Additionally the collection and aggregation of data will allow to build predictive models that can estimate the impact of events and give recommendations for interventions. FARMERA is synergistic to Soundtalks because it can integrate the service. FARMERA can be a cornerstone for an Integrated Health Management offering of BI which bundles the different products and services that BI offers for pig producers. The business objective is to generate an additional revenue stream and to build the basis for additional business opportunities that are dependent on the access to data from pig production. This could be to build additional Artificial Intelligence tools to predict production outcomes and outcome of interventions.
The team is working agile and specifically in SCRUM framework

Background to the assignment:

The goal is to enhance our understanding of our customers, establish user research practices and optimize our feedback loop. Therefore, we need UX expertise. This includes, among other things, the User Research activities and UX design activities. Consequently, we do not have our own employees with sufficient expertise and availability in and for this reason require external expertise.


The product is being developed in SCRUM, with dedicated Scrum Masters and a Product Owner. We have sprints of 2 weeks, with the following ceremonies in addition to ad-hoc meetings:
i. Daily standup, 15 mins every weekday morning. During the daily standup, all team members provide an update on the tasks they have worked on the previous day and will focus on for today. After that, the contractor works iteratively on their tasks.
ii. Biweekly Sprint Review, 45 mins, with all stakeholders, Monday afternoon. During the sprint review, the team presents to the stakeholders the overview of the product in respect to the last sprint. It is an open discussion between the team (incl. Contractor) and the stakeholders. After that, the contractor works iteratively on their tasks.
iii. Biweekly Sprint Retrospective, 1,5 hours, Tuesdays Morning. All team members discuss how the previous sprint went, what challenges occurred and actions for the next sprint are defined. The contractor will also provide his input in the discussion. After that, the contractor works iteratively on their tasks.
iv. Biweekly Sprint Planning, 2,5 hours, Tuesdays afternoon. The Product Owner and the Development Team are defining what will be the tasks for the next sprint, based on the availability, work effort and users feedback. After that, the contractor works iteratively on their tasks.
v. Product Refinement, 30 – 60 mins, whenever needed. The product log is being reviewed and the tasks are being reprioritized if necessary. After that, the contractor works iteratively on their tasks.
vi. Biweekly Stakeholder Alignement meeting, 1 hour, Monday afternoon. Part of the stakeholders get together with the Product Owner, Developer representative and UX to discuss in detail upcoming features or requests, customer feedback or learning. After that, the contractor works iteratively on their tasks.

All tasks and results will be documented in Jira/Confluence. For designing activities, we use Figma.

The contractor will be focusing on the below tasks:
- Oversee and involve throughout the end-to-end product development lifecycle
- Actively brainstorming, presenting results and constantly getting feedback with Developers, UX designer, stakeholders, Product Owner & Scrum Masters on a daily basis
- Consult with and influence key stakeholders (across the organization and customers) to take user-centric design approaches into account
- Create, revise, and execute a user research plan according to the research objectives
- Employ both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies accordingly to the research plan, for example conduct interviews in person (based on COVID-situation) and remote
- Analyze research data and present research insights in a meaningful way to drive product direction
- Translate research insights into appropriate design artifacts
- Iterate designs based on internal reviews and customer feedback
- Monitor the success of implemented features and gather feedback regularly 

Start: May 2022
Duration: 1 year+
Location: Ingelheim (50%), remote (50%)
Capacity: 40 hours/week


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