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SAP EDI Consultant - September

Düsseldorf, Germany
For one of our clients in the chemical industry we’re looking for a freelance SAP EDI consultant:

Project description:

The project has the purpose to set up new EDI connections in the Automotive area. It can be seen as a collection of single Change Requests (CRs) to be implemented.

Task description
The contractor independently performs the following tasks:
  • Asses, implement, test and deploy multiple Automotive-EDI connections, each connect represented by a separated CR, handled in the tool Service-Now, where the contractor will get access to.
    • Assess: Check the CRs for correctness and completeness
    • Implement: Implement CRs in cooperation with the EDI trading partner and our two EDI Mapping partners Seeburger and OpenText.
    • Test: Test and document the converted message against expected results (as defined in Message Implementation Guideline for outbound). The documentation is subject to approval by the client.
    • Deploy: Set the positively tested message live in the productive systems.
  • Act as a mediator between trading partner’s EDI requirements and the client business respectively to facilitate the EDI implementation by
    • checking if scheduling agreements are in place to process DELFOR message, and
    • verifying that picking & packing are in place to allow sending Handling Unit information in ASN messages.


The implementation time per CR should not exceed 3 Months on average (net implementation effort: ~3 PD per CR), assuming that the contractor has 10 to 20 CRs assigned in parallel.

Skills Needed
  • Knowledge in EDI Transfer protocols like OFTP, OFTP2, X.400, AS2
  • Ideally provide excellent knowledge in the client EDI environment and have the ability to work with various 3rd party EDI providers – SEEBUGER and GXS/OpenText
  • Specialize in Global Industry and Automotive business standards – EDIFACT, VDA, ODETTE, ANSI X.12, XML, CSV, others
  • Excellent knowledge on Scheduling Agreement processes – both from EDI and business process perspective
  • Excellent knowledge on various other Automotive processes – such as Just-in-Time, KANBAN, Delivery Order Processing (MAIS) – both from EDI and business process perspective
  • Hands on experience with VW VDA 4905, 4913, 4933, 4938, 4939, 4984 and 4987 EDI standards
  • Hands on experience of FCA Group (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) Odette EDI processes
  • Undergo at least one full implementation cycle for major Automotive manufacturers – Volkswagen Group, Daimler AG, BMW, Continental, Opel, Ford, Jaguar Land rover, PSA Group, John Deere, and others
  • Experience working with GEFEG FX EDI Software
  • Knowledge of Retail EDI standards and business processes is also an advantage
  • Excellent understanding of business processes related to SAP in OTC (Order to cash) environment including customizing skills (pricing, material determination, output control, sales documents, billing documents, self-billing processing, intercompany billing, foreign trade processing, agency business (renumeration lists), scheduling agreements in automotive industry
  • Excellent understanding of business processes related to SAP LE (logistic execution) environment including customizing skills: (inbound delivery processing, warehouse management, route determination, output determination, delivery types, proof of delivery process, picking process, packing process including handling unit management, packing instruction, shipment types, transportation planning point determination, batch management)
  • Excellent knowledge in SAP Master data like material master, vendor master, customer master including customizing
  • Basic knowledge in SAP FI (account receivable, accounts payable, general ledger)
  • Excellent knowledge ABAP/4: (ABAP Workbench, Dialog Report and Batch Input Programming, deep knowledge in SAP enhancement concept like user exits, customer exits, business add in, own copy requirements and form routines in SD)
  • Excellent knowledge in SAP ALE processing: ALE monitoring, ALE development for IDOC types and segments, IDOC serialization, IDOC versions, logical messages, setup ALE outbound and inbound scenarios

Project start: ASAP
Project location: Remote
Project duration: 4+ months

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