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PR Consultant - Sports Partnerships

Herzogenaurach, Germany
For one of our clients (a well known sports brand) we’re looking for a freelance PR Consultant focusing on Sports Partnerships:
Project Description:
a. In 2023 the client will be involved in football across domestic leagues; championships, international events including the FIFA Womens World Cup 2023. adidas also partners with players, Clubs, Federations and Governing Bodies.
b. These moments, actions and partnerships present opportunities and also risks for issues and crises that can impact adidas and require Public Relations servicing.
c. The client activates Club and Federation partners through Football and for kit launches around the world
d. The service and project is for the client’s Brand Communications and Activation of Club & Federation partnerships;

Service Description:

The client will provide all necessary products, information, contact details, documents, access to relevant systems and all other requirements in advance.

The contractor will act as an external consultant towards other external parties.
The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are independently
performed by the contractor:
  • Provides professional consultation and execution on PR of events, moments & situations in football that impact adidas to identify opportunities and address threats. The contractor will work with an external rostered communications agency to develop a PR strategy and campaign for two main SS24 campaigns.
  • Delivers professional consultation and development of guidelines for the implementation of PR Issues & Crisis Playbooks to address situations occurring in the sport of Football which impact adidas. The playbook will be delivered in the form of a document including content which addresses potential issues and crises associated with the sport in 2023. The contractor will use the 2022 FIFA World Cup issues doc to create an updated version and adhere to the overall Brand Strategy for PR.
  • Provides professional supplemental advice to users of the Issues & Crisis playbook for implementation through updates delivered by email and virtual meetings. Way of communication chosen by the contractor.
  • Provides supplementary professional PR consultation for planning, strategy and guidelines on World Cup Ball, Federation Kits and World Cup moment based on contractors expertise
  • Provides professional PR and social media consultation for planning, strategy and guidelines on SS24 Footwear Launch based on contractor’s expertise
  • Provides professional PR consultation best-practice in-channel execution for category focus projects, including Membership Activation, adidas Football Collective and Athlete Activation within meetings with adidas internals at a cadence that will intensify throughout the project (not more than once a week). Longer timelines will be in place at the conception of the concept, and will become more regular when getting closer to delivery.
  • Provides professional advice to users of the playbook for implementation based on the contractor’s expertise.
  • Provides professional consultation delivering comms planning, strategy and creation of local activation concepts and toolkits on enhancing projects from markets. As a global role there will be local versions of adidas strategy, a function of this role will be to receive market plans and provide approval on whether executions are on strategy.
  • Facilitates the distribution of Comms updates and creative toolkits using based on the contractor’s expertise
The performance of the contractor has the goal:
  • Delivers PR consultation across the length and breadth of the Football Comms team with a specific focus on development and activation of the adidas enhanced licensed offering, Predator and X Footwear franchises and the EURO 24 OMB launch.
  • Delivers professional consultation, guidance and facilitation of the Fed Kit and Local market Licensed Club activation projects in accordance to Global guidance, strategy, direction and process.
  • Benchmarked against previous season, vs. comparable performance across Footwear (Predator Accuracy), OMB Launch (Al Rihla) and Licensed (SS23 Licensed Icons).
The following timelines are to be adhered to by the contractor during the performance of the service (Service period from June 1 – November 30)

-A-Clubs playbook consultation and PR consultation until August 1 with first launches in May and onfield launch into May.
- PR project management and consultation From October 1 to November 30 for SS24 Predator Campaign
- PR project management and consultation from July 1 to November 30 for SS24 EURO24 OMB Campaign

Project start: ASAP
Project location: Herzogenaurach (95% remote)
Project duration: 6+ months

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