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ServiceNow Virtual Agent Specialist - September 2023

remote, remote
For one of our clients we are looking for a ServiceNow Virtual Agent specialist

Project name: Virtual Agent design phase

Project description: In 2022 the client implemented the Service Now Virtual Agent module. The scope was approximately 25 use cases, amongst them a non-standard for onboarding of new employees. The Virtual Agent was rolled out to a subset of pilot users, but has not yet been released to the wider client user base. The reason is that the Virtual Agent is still a very robotic experience, and the use cases are limited.
At this point, we want to enhance the Service Now Virtual Agent so that more up to date technology (ChatGpt and the like, Artificial Intelligence) can be incorporated into the solution. The objective is to create a Virtual Agent that can a) solve particular use cases including incidents on a user’s device, b) triage the nature of the incident and route to the correct resolver group, c) guide self help incidents, such as pulling information from knowledge based articles and other sources and provide step by step instructions, d) understand and speak German, English and Dutch, and e) create a general experience of a BOT that is able to address a wide variety of topics, not just IT specific. Last but not least, minimize the BOT feeling when someone is using the Virtual Agent. The current project scope involves only design and planning, not implementation.

  • Create an Analysis of Industry best practices regarding IT support setups. Document if there is a trend towards near-shoring, vs off-shoring based on own research and knowledge.
  • Create an Analysis of the Service Now Virtual Agent (Vancouver and Washington releases). Prepare and conduct a presentation on what is likely to be released within the Service Now Virtual Agent beyond the two releases and recommendations as to what can be incorporated into the Virtual Agent after the implementation project.
  • Create a map of Vancouver and Washington functionalities and expansion of use cases by interfacing to other client applications (Sailpoint, SAP Ariba, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Sharepoint). Set the focus on HR and procurement processes (onboarding of a new employee, offboarding of an employee and ordering of peripherals).
  • Develop detailed use cases and mapping of interfacing applications. Create a document with the results and provide it to the Virtual Agent Service Owner. This includes:
    • Specifying prerequisites and any other technology requirement in order to make the use case work seamlessly.
    • Provide effort estimation of the same.
    • Provide ticket analysis in terms of how many tickets can be eliminated from Service Desk or Walk-in Centers if use case was implemented.
    • Determine interface requirements and create the interface Design for a device health tool based on own knowledge and experience of similar interfaces and tools. The device health tool is developed by the client, but the interface needs to be designed.
  • Investigate integration with other existing BOTs within the client and create a detailed integration plan, including effort estimation, prerequisites, and interface requirements. Present the results to the Virtual Agent Service Owner and professionally consult on a decision on which BOTS should be included in the overall implementation plan.
  • Develop a roadmap for what use cases can be delivered when and potential future use cases.
  • Detail out how the onboarding and offboarding use cases of employees can be handled seamlessly with the Virtual agent. This includes:
    • the ordering of KID, E-Mail address, and IT equipment (PC, laptop, and/or phone).
    • Create a detailed mapping of what needs to occur in which application and present the result to the Virtual Agent Service owner and the Service Owners and Application Owners of the tools and services currently used for onboarding/offboarding within an online meeting. Include the decided results provided by the Service Owner in the interface and use case design of the Virtual Agent.
  • Develop new cutting-edge use cases based on own research of current opportunities in this area and own knowledge. This includes:
    • Detailed analysis of prerequisites
    • Effort to implement
    • Cost/volume savings on Service Desk/Walk-in Centers
    • Technical implementation of interfaces.
  • Development of role descriptions for interfacing roles, including a final RACI matrix based on the capability of the Virtual Agent.
    • Service Desk
    • Walk in Center
    • Local Service Relations Coordinator
    • Local site support.
  • Investigate requirements of an integration between the Virtual Agent and the IVR phone system, for automatic routing from a phone call to the Virtual Agent for further incident handling.
  • Create a detailed analysis of the above points, including:
    • A recommendation based on “nice to haves “ vs “must haves” and the technical requirements and volume reductions as well as impact on user experience.
    • Include the final recommendation in a signed-off roadmap between involved stakeholders and application owners provided by the client. The signed-off roadmap will include what the implementation project in 2024 should deliver, to be started January 2024.
    • Visio flow charts and detailed conversation specifications for each use case.
    • Identify test cases for recommended Use Cases, and effort to undertake future testing in the implementation project.
    • A sound project plan for the Virtual agent implementation project, including milestones, project resources and final delivery.
  • Create the final documentation once the design phase project has been completed (use cases, technical requirements, skillsets of project resources) for a potential tendering of the project scope and run phase and present it to client for a final sign-off.

Tools: MS project, MS power point, MS excel, MS Visio, MS word

Required skills:
  • Extensive knowledge of the ServiceNow Platform: to be familiar with the ServiceNow ecosystem, its data and workflows, and how to leverage them for the Virtual Agent.
  • Intuitive Virtual Agent Designer: to be able to use the no-code Virtual Agent Designer tool to create and manage chatbot conversations, topics, actions, and intents.
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU): to understand how the Virtual Agent uses advanced NLU models to comprehend user queries better, and how to train and customize them for our specific use cases.
  • Conversational Analytics: to be able to use the built-in analytics dashboard to monitor and measure the performance and effectiveness of the Virtual Agent, and identify user behavior and trends.
  • Topic Recommendations: to be able to use the topic recommendations feature to discover new topics that users are asking for, and create them easily using templates.
  • Issue Auto Resolution: to be able to configure the Virtual Agent to identify user intentions in submitted issues and proactively initiate a conversation for resolution.
  • Generative AI: to be able to use the Generative AI feature, that will be available from ServiceNow Vancouver release, to enable the Virtual Agent to generate natural language responses based on user queries, internal knowledge base articles, and external sources.
  • Experience with JavaScript and/or Python: to enhance / expand the functionalities provided by ServiceNow (if needed).
  • Knowledge of how effective integrating LLM: embeddings, chaining, etc.
  • MS office and Visio knowledge
  • PowerBI knowledge is nice to have.

Languages: English – must, German – nice to have

Start: ASAP
Duration: 4 months+ (extensions possible)
Location: Remote (occasional onsite meetings in Dusseldorf)
Capacity: 40 hours/week


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