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Brand Communications Consultant - December 2023

remote, remote
For one of our clients we are looking for a Brand Communications Manager

  • Short description of the project: CCM (Commercial Conversion Modular) Seasonal Content: Seasonal cross-category content where client franchises and key items receive a uniform communication toolkit built on the brand expression direction for 2024, including insights around optimism, credibility, and authenticity.
  • The project has the purpose to drive efficiencies in production with a singular creative approach to create a modular plug and play solutions for markets to create locally conversion driving tools to support sell thru of key seasonal products. The x-channel toolkit is meant for markets for local implementation of the individual commercial product stories.

  • Getting input from markets, on the back of market update calls, and the seasonal briefing shared by BUs and GTM (Go-to-Market) feedback from markets, to understand their needs for tools creation for this project and sharing updates with internal markets via Teams channel. As well as creating and sharing the 100 Days market update deck.
  • Coordinate the end-to-end sample process (including placing the order in sample4U, tracking shipment, and doing inventory of ~ 7 thousand articles), applying own expertise behind sample4U and overall shipment process, across samples for all categories.
  • Reviewing and giving feedback within creative development process, based on professional experience with brand communications and knowledge consolidated from the respective business unities and markets.
  • Coordinate the briefing process between sport specialties, outdoor, basketball, licensed products business units and the commercial comms team, including creating the briefing template (following previous season document provided by the internal team upfront) and sharing content with the Business unit via email.
  • Compiling a comprehensive list, via PPT, of product details by leveraging internal information, shared upfront, from designers and product managers to influence the creative development of sport specialties, outdoor and basketball and licensed BU content. Final content to be shared with the client afterwards via email.
  • Professionally consult and feedback in pre-production process on shot-list, production crew, locations, casting, styling and hair & make up based on contractor’s expertise.
  • Coordinate the legal approval process and translations of the messaging framework across all categories (by consolidating feedback from client legal department and sharing their comments with creative agencies until the client gets legal sign off across all copy by internal legal department and give Creative input based on the contractor’s expertise to its respective categories (sport specialties, outdoor and basketball BU). The contractor will act as an external consultant towards the external agencies.
  • Joining the production’s location in March/2024 for content creation and giving comms input (based on the contractor’s expertise) within the process steering so that the production is executed on brief. Final location/date to be defined and info forwarded to contractor.
  • Coordinating the post-production for this campaign by adding retouching notes to all final select (images) and edits (video) of sport specialties and basketball and licensed BU content, to check final content is being delivered accordingly to briefing of SS24 Modular Commercial Seasonal Content. In case final content is not delivered accordingly, the contractor will inform the client within weekly project update calls via teams.
  • Bi-weekly MS teams calls with external partner (production agency and sample4U – Nureg) to keep them updated on any topics concerning FW24 Modular campaign. Act as an external consultant towards production agency and sample4U – Nureg. No further preparation of documentation needed to be prepared.

The performance of the contractor has the goal:
  • Manage the creation process of x-category content across Outdoor, Sport specialties, basketball and Licensed BUs that will be uploaded on DAB by 20th of April 2024.
  • Dec 2023: briefing kick off
  • Jan 2024: creative sign off
  • Feb 2024: pre-production and in studio shoot
  • Mar 2024: on location shoot
  • Apr 2024: post-production
  • 20th Apr 2024: final content deliverables

Start: ASAP
Duration: 6 months+
Location: mainly remote (95%), some onsite in Herzogenaurach (5%)


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