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Junior Marketing Specialist for Outdoor Sports (bike and climb) - February 2024

Herzogenaurach, Bayern
For one of our clients in the sports industry, we are currently looking for Junior Marketing Specialist for Outdoor Sports

Project Description:
  • Rollout strategic plan for product servicing Outbound & activation
  • The project has the purpose to implement an On-Time-In-Full product delivery process for Outdoor Sports Marketing in bike and climb to stay compliant with partner-contract obligations.    
Service Description:
The client provides all necessary products, information, contact details, documents, access to relevant systems and all other requirements in advance.
The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are independently, performed by the contractor:

1. Provide a digital-, live-document & process plan that can be used by sports marketing business partners to track Outbound (Order management, GTM fc SS23/FW23, order entry by the client Promotional Services PRS) and Transportation (sea freight vs. air freight vs. truck) with final OTIF delivery to business partners by using existing customer-/PRS-Tools and internal expert-networks, based on contractor´s experience.
  • Development-, preparation- and implementation of a product servicing plan and calendar, which needs to cover the following: Article range plan per sports category (.ppt/.xls), line lists (.xls), shipping location calendar (.xls or .ppt) based on Outdoor (OD)-Sportsmarketing requirements shared upfront with the contractor. Details will be provided on a regular basis, once per week, via mail and weekly status update calls via MS TEAMS from the client to contractor. The creation of the files, which is based on the contractor’s own expertise, will be implemented in customer’s shipping files, calendar files and athlete files to always provide the best possible service to athletes and partners. The access to these files will be given upfront by the cleint.
  • Development of an outbound-ordersheet plan (.xls) and implementation of activation tracker which would include (managing article lists, appearance tracking, works with article availability lists (verbal/direct-interaction) and PRS, all input shared via mail with PRS) based on OD-Sportsmarketing requirements, which are shared upfront with the contractor.
  • All necessary information and requirements for the ordersheet  and the activation tracker will be provided upfront by the client to the contractor. The contractor will follow the specific guidelines and details communicated by the customer upfront in developing and implementing these components. The plan needs to be implemented within the context of outbound orders and sports marketing activities. This will involve integrating the plan into existing systems, databases, or platforms used for managing outbound orders and sports marketing initiatives.
  • The requirements are provided upfront to the contractor. It's crucial from the client to provide all needed requirements, including the article lists, appearance tracking criteria, interaction with PRS (possibly involving phone calls with the client or direct interaction).
  • Develop a process- and implementation plan (.ppt/.xls) for customer’s Promotional Services (PRS) which would cover (outbound-order entry, order confirmation, communications with / to DC and logistic partners (all shipping companies that are used by the client) based on OD-Sportsmarketing requirements. All necessary information and requirements for the will be provided upfront by the client to the contractor & the creation of the plan will be based on contractors’ expertise.
  • Quarterly overall analysis (.ppt) of the "outbound process" with recommendations of how the process could be improved and what needs to be implemented for better service opportunities based on learnings, best praxis examples and insights gained throughout the project. These learnings will be stored on an MS TEAMS folder structure shared upfront with the contractor. The outcome will be presented in the form of quarterly meetings, quarterly reports via an implemented excel sheet in an email.
  • Full upskilling and online-training (MS TEAMS – handover in .ppt / hand-out) of sports marketing business partners including a hand over process and delivery of all relevant tools, documents, and information. The dates which are relevant for this task will be communicated in a timeline manner and shared upfront by the customer to the contractor. The handover involves the transfer of knowledge, tools, documents, and relevant information to get a comprehensive understanding and capability among the business partners. The handover process aims to equip the sports marketing business partners with the necessary knowledge and resources to independently and effectively carry out their responsibilities in sharing their details with the respective Sportsmarketing Manager. In the context of online training for sports marketing business partners, the preparation of presentations and handouts is crucial to facilitate effective learning and provide a structured resource for reference.
Start Date:   01.02.2024
Duration:  1year+
Location:   90% remote / 10% onsite Herzogenaurach
Workload: Full-Time 


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