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Strategic Business Consultant: Brownfield Biofuel Production Partnership (BFPP) - May 2024

Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf
For one of our clients we are looking for a Strategic Business Consultant: Brownfield Biofuel Production Partnership (BFPP).


Project name: Brownfield Biofuel Production Partnership (BFPP)

Project description: The client is a global energy company that generates, trades, and markets power on a large scale. The client also procures, stores, transports, and supplies commodities such as natural gas, LNG, and coal as well as other energy-related products. In the future, the client might develop to become a producer of liquid fuels from alternative, sustainable feedstocks to support CO2 emission reduction in the mobility sector. Also the client is working on sustainable fuels for hard-to-electrify mobility sectors (marine and aviation). In a lighthouse project, the client will develop together with a partner an industrial scale, integrated Biorefinery plant, producing a mix of advanced biofuel and RFNBO fuel. The client aims to develop this cooperative partnership into a longer-term business development activity for these kind of projects.

Task description - The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are performed independently:

WP1: Partnership agreements - A cooperation agreement between The Client and its external partner is in place, outlining key points for an envisioned special purpose vehicle (“SPV”) and further future joint ventures (“JV”).
● Draft required term sheets and shareholder agreements required for the SPV based on the Client’s and its partners special (in-kind) contributions to the SPV provided in advance and own knowledge and experience
● Draft proposals on how such contributions can be valued. Present the proposals (draft documents) to The Client’s legal department, and the hiring manager (“HM”) in an online meeting. The Client will assess and decide on the final option
● Store all related documents, spreadsheets and presentations, in the relevant Project SharePoints provided by the Client in advance.

WP2: Commercial business development – Business Case Concepts with host site. The client and its partner are currently in the pre-FEED phase of the Project creating a design basis for cost estimation. Since the project is a brownfield project with multiple interfaces to the host site, concepts considering the commercial interest of the host site.
● Develop draft Business Case concepts for the Project and their process based on the project information provided by the client in advance and there own expertise.
● Present the concepts (online meeting) to the Client business controlling teams and the hiring manager to assess and approve final concepts.
● Schedule, present and discuss the approved concepts with the external partner in an online meeting.
● Document the workflow, presentations and results and hand over to the client.

WP3: Commercial business development – Product Offtake. The project has different product options (syncrude, SAF and byproducts) and for some of them, no market price exists.
● Identify potential offtakers for such products relevant to the Project location based on own knowledge and experience.
● Professionally develop concepts for discussions with the identified potential offtakers regarding product offtake, which might include the offtaker becoming a partner in the overall project.
● Present the draft concepts (online meeting) to the client’s valuation team and hiring manager to assess and approve final concepts.
● Schedule, present and discuss the approved concepts with the external partner in an online-meeting with the aim of having a final approval from both sides.
● Schedule a meeting to discuss the final approved concepts with the potential offtakers.
● Document the final results and hand them over to the Client.

WP4: Stakeholder Management and Strategic Decision Process
● Prepare material (PowerPoint presentation) to present the results and project status to the relevant the Client’s  stakeholders (key stakeholders are Strategy, controlling, risk, sustainability, tax, property management, engineering, legal, and operations departments) in weekly milestone meetings.
● Adapt this material for The Client’s process of “Strategic decision”, which is an official the Client’s process.

WP5: Consult on strategic business questions on the Project.
● Professionally consult the HM regarding strategic or business questions based on own knowledge and experience.

WP6: Reporting
● Create a bi-monthly short report (Powerpoint Format) and present it in the project team’s jour fix with the goal that the project team is well informed on the work results achieved.
● Store and distribute documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other project relevant information based on own assessment in the dedicated project folders on the project’s SharePoint (provided in advance).

Appear clearly as an external consultant of the Client whenever interacting with external parties.
The client provides all necessary information, access to the systems and requirements in advance.

Start: ASAP
Capacity: 16 hours/week
Duration: until end of 2024
Location: Remote

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