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Fashion Designer for sports apparel - August 2024

remote/Herzo, remote/Herzo
For one of our clients we are looking for a Fashion Designer for sports apparel

  • The project is about the Design of TERREX for FW26 Terrex Apparel. The project’s scope includes design concepts, preparation of status presentations, seasonal product coloration, final seasonal overviews, and production ready files as well as figurines for a holistic wardrobe concept.
  • The project has the goal to deliver towards FW26 Terrex Apparel regular Track briefing completing the FW26 Terrex Apparel offer

Briefing on Day 1:
  • Seasonal product briefing by Marketing
  • Consumer study identification and review
  • Seasonal Outdoor Design Direction
  • Seasonal communicated stories
  • Milestone and Deadline/handover overview
  • Client will provide all necessary products, information, contact details, documents, access to relevant systems and all other requirements in advance. Provide concept presentations and product creation including techpacking and coloration process based on the Terrex seasonal briefing and the Terrex identity. Timing is based on the design creation calendar for FW26.
  • Project briefing and understanding of Terrex identity / design creation process as well as concept presentations and storytelling will be presented by client contact person which includes handover of necessary documents and products.
CONCEPTUAL WORK ON TERREX apparel for 15 styles:
  • Independently create and provide a PDF concept presentation in Adobe Illustrator for 15 product creations including production ready techpacking and coloration process based on the Terrex seasonal briefing and the Terrex identity.
  • Outline the story and the consumer insights in the concept presentation based on contractor’s expertise. Make this project integrated into the rest of collection as a holistic offer for the Terrex wardrobe based on the briefing.
  • Prepare the design of the products in 3 presentations and as technical design sketches for 15 styles, including the application of color in the tech packs as well as color overviews linking with the rest of the Terrex offer. Presentation = Illustrator file containing black and white sketches, mood, color and color overview, consumer insights. 120 pages (8 each product) or/and equivalent with MIRO online presentations. Shared on Sharepoint via Teams to the x-functional meetings (Gutchecks & CR0 – see timelines)
  • Present concept on site to the cross functional team including senior leadership team.
  • Select technically feasible construction techniques and control the quality of the production process based on mock ups and samples and supplier feedback provided by the client TERREX/BU Outdoor development team upfront.
  • Handover of 15 production ready techpack files (based on techpack file template) including the application of color in the color pages in line with the overall color overview of the TERREX/BU Outdoor offer, detailed sketches, reference style, material, and graphics. Shared on Sharepoint via Teams to the x-functional meetings (see Timelines)
  • Provide for each style a figurine for the holistic Terrex wardrobe.

Start: August 2024
Duration: Till end of 2024
Capacity: 35 days for the entire duration (around 7 days per month)
Location: mainly remote, occasional onsite presence in Herzogenaurach (80% remote, 20% onsite)


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